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Casemate Illustrated- The Soviet Infantryman on the Eastern Front

ISBN Number: 978-1-63624-363-4 Publisher: Casemate Publishers
Published: Monday, March 4, 2024 Retail Price: $28.95 USD
Reviewed By: Mike Petty

The Soviet Infantryman on the Eastern Front

Title:  The Soviet Infantryman on the Eastern Front

Author:  Simon Forty

Publisher:  Casemate

Price:  $28.95 USD

Pages:  128

Format:  7x10 inch paperback, 150 photographs plus maps

ISBN:  978-1-63624-363-4

Paul Roberts provided a review of the companion volume “The German Infantryman on the Eastern Front” a short time ago.  In this volume, Mr. Forty provides us with a concise, well-written book that summarizes the Soviet infantry soldier’s experiences during the Eastern Front campaigns from Germany’s invasion in 1941 through their defeat in May 1945. This well-researched and illustrated book is composed of six chapters, a conclusion, further reading section and index.  

Timeline of Events  


The Soldier  

Transport and Services  

Strategy and Tactics  

Life in the Field

This book generously provides a collection of black and white photographs, color photos of reenactors, art, and diagrams to highlight the chapters.  This is a great reference for modelers with numerous photographs which show Soviet infantry in the field.  Of particular interest to modelers are the number of color photographs of the uniform variations, kit contents, and layouts, camouflage uniforms, typical equipment assembly layouts.

In my opinion, Mr. Forty did a fantastic job of keeping the reader engaged with the use of the written word, historical photographs, period propaganda art, soldier art and reenactor photos.  This results in a comprehensive and concise understanding of what the Soviet infantry soldier confronted on the Eastern Front.   

Highly Recommended for all skill level modelers.

Thanks goes out to Casemate Publishing for providing this review book.

Reviewed by Mike Petty

AMPS, President

AMPS Central Virginia


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