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Osprey- Russia's Wars in Chechnya 1994-2009

ISBN Number: 9781472858221 Publisher: Osprey Publishing
Published: Friday, March 15, 2024 Retail Price: $20.00
Reviewed By: Phillip Cavender

Russia's Wars in Chechnya 1994-2009



The Author:

Dr. Mark Galeotti is a political scientist and historian with a career in academia, government service, and business, and is a scholar of Russian security affairs.  The author has pinned over 25 books with an emphasis on Russian military conflicts from Ukraine, and the Russian wars in Chechnya, among others.

The Book:

This A-4-format, 144-page book, measuring 6 x 8 inches, is printed on glossy paper and includes both color and black-and-white images.  The front and back covers are also printed on glossy paper. and the text is presented in English.  The book is structured with an introductory section, seven distinct chapters, a chronology, further reading suggestions, and an index.

Where is Chechnya:

Chechnya is a federal subject of Russia located in the North Caucasus region, situated in the southern part of the country.  It is bordered by the Russian republics of Ingushetia and North Ossetia-Alania to the west, Dagestan to the east, and Georgia to the south.


In this succinct 5-page section, the author provides readers with a concise overview of Chechnya's historical challenges in dealing with Post -Soviet Russia, setting the stage for subsequent chapters. The image on page 6 displays the breathtaking landscape of this gorge in Chechnya.


Background to War - Home of the Wolf:

Over the following 5-page section, the author delves into Chechnya's culture, focusing on the national symbol, the Wolf, and explores Russian attitudes toward the Chechens, characterized by a mixture of fear, hatred, and respect. Page 20 features a vibrant map showcasing the North Caucasus region situated in the southern part of Russia, which includes various federal subjects, notably republics like Chechnya, among others.

Warring Sides:

In this section, the author examines the Russian and federal forces, as well as the Chechen forces, delving into a detailed exploration of the military capabilities and composition of each side's war machinery. While not exhaustive, a comprehensive overview is provided. On page 29, there is an image depicting a Chechen loading an RPG, offering readers a glimpse of the camouflage uniform.


Following Boris Yeltsin's election as president of the Russian Republic, the author presents an in-depth timeline and explanation of the outbreak of the Chechen conflict within the Russian state to become the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria.  Additionally, he elaborates on the initial invasion of Chechnya by the Russian air force, which resulted in the destruction of Chechnya's airfields, supplemented with maps for clarity. See page 42 below.


The Fighting:

Throughout the following 52 pages, the author delves into a comprehensive analysis of the two battles concerning Chechnya.  Abundant images are included, providing both historians and modelers with insights into the military equipment utilized. On page 45, a Russian T-72 tank is depicted, while on page 85, a Russian soldier is observed loading a mortar.

The World Around War:

The author offers readers an analysis of how Russia was perceived globally, considering aspects such as collateral damage inflicted on Chechnya, international condemnation, and other contributing factors. Page 104 is an image of Putin and President Bush after the 9/11 attacks.

How the War Ended, Conclusions, and Consequences:

In the subsequent two chapters, the author offers a comprehensive examination of the war's conclusion, accompanied by an intricate analysis of its consequences. The author includes on page 116 a chilling image after a suicide attack on the Chechen parliament.


One of the final sections in this highly informative book is labeled "Chronology."  This section proved particularly useful for me, serving as a valuable reference point to ensure my understanding of the author's narrative and timeline. 


Having amassed a selection of books published by Osprey Publishing in my reference library, I wholeheartedly welcome this most recent publication, which explores the Russian wars in Chechnya.  Needless to say, it did not disappoint.

This book, featuring numerous images, and intricate illustrations, is an essential addition for both modelers seeking reference materials and military historians in need of supplementary resources. The author's writing style is crafted to provide a reader-friendly and easily digestible format, rendering this book an outstanding reference resource.  For these reasons, I strongly recommend including Osprey's latest book in  your collection.

Highly Recommended for Beginner to Advanced builders.

Thanks goes out to Osprey Publishing for this review book.

Reviewed by Phillip Cavender


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