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Guideline Publications- Military Modelcraft International, March 2024

ISBN Number: Issue 329 Publisher: Guideline Publications, UK
Published: Sunday, March 10, 2024 Retail Price: $15.00
Reviewed By: Michael Reeves

Guideline Publications- Military Modelcraft International, March 2024

The team at Guideline Publications are starting the month of March off right with a kicking issue covering all sorts of niches. Editor David Grummitt touches on the supposed demise of hobby publishing as has been a recent topic in modeling social media- but any doubts as to the truth of such wild claims are laid to rest with the issue they've put together for us this month.

News at the Front starts things off as usual with the latest releases from HD Models, ICM, Miniart, FC Modeltrend, Vespid Models, and Tyrell Models tools. Three pages of Quartermasters Stores complete the section of latest releases.

Our very own Steve Santucci gives us a report of Armorcon from back in October of 2023. 

Sante Candia takes on Takom's 2-in-1 StuH 42 & StuG. III Ausf. G Early Production kit in "Sturmhaubitze Vor!". He details the build with some aftermarket stowage and scratchbuilt tarps. The article is followed up by a look at recent StuG III Ausf. G kits from the editor.

Stefan Syzmanski is up next with a WWI build of the Wespe/Retrokit 1/72 B.L. 15" Siege Howitzer Mk. 1 in "Bring on the Big Guns". We also get a thorough look at how he built the base for his big gun.

"Eight-Wheeled Orc Wagon" by Diego Bruzzone showcases his build of the Trumpeter BTR-80 APC in a modern Russian scheme from the current war in Ukraine.


Editor David Grummitt is back with the Armour in Profile piece on "AirLand Battle"- a look at the development of US armour doctrine in the last decade of the Cold War. 

Six Sławomir Zajączkowski color profiles of various AFVs from the period accompany the article.

Uwe Kern is up next with his build up of Tamiya's M151A2 w/ TOW Missile Launcher in "Small Jeep: Big Impact". 

Bernard Bassous explores the idea of an elevated diorama in "Theater of Tragedy". His scene includes the Dragon Panzer IV Ausf. H Late built up as a recently destroyed tank with an American 1.5 ton Personnel Carrier WC63 Big Shot (from AFV Club) and crew looking over the damage.

This month's At the Bench features Roger Hurkmans with his excellent dioramas being featured. The article is followed up with one of his builds- "Gone With the Wind" features the Italeri RSO and crew facing some serious wind.

Kreangkrai Paojinda builds up Takom's excellent Merkava Mk. 1 kit in "Operation Peace for Galilee". He adds a scratchbuilt building in his street scene that is as amazing as the tank build.

Words and Pictures features five book reviews- two of AK Interactive books, an Osprey book on the Jagdpanzer with a contest from MMI to boot, and two more Osprey books on Dünkirchen and Sniping Rifles in the War Against Japan.


MMI continues to grace us with some excellent articles on some really extraordinary builds and dioramas. Something here truly for everyone interested in armor and modeling- and loads of tips and lessons to be found here. As always, here is a link to the Guideline Publications website and US customers can subscribe to MMI and pay in US dollars at 

Highly Recommended for Beginner to Advanced builders.

Thanks goes out to Guideline Publications for this review sample.

Reviewed by Michael Reeves


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