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Panzer Tracts No. 9-2 Jagdpanzer IV

ISBN Number: 978-1-915969-17-8 Publisher: Panzerwrecks
Published: Tuesday, March 12, 2024 Retail Price: $25.29
Reviewed By: matthew schaefer

Panzer Tracts No. 9-2 Jagdpanzer IV

The Jagdpanzer IV, a German tank destroyer, was developed during World War II to counter Allied armored vehicles. It was based on the Panzer IV chassis, featuring a low-profile, heavily armored superstructure housing a powerful 75mm gun. Development began in 1943 in response to the effectiveness of Soviet tanks, leading to various iterations with upgrades to armor and armament. Despite facing challenges such as production delays and resource shortages, the Jagdpanzer IV became a significant asset for the German army, proving its effectiveness in defensive and ambush roles on the Eastern and Western fronts. Its design influenced subsequent tank destroyer development post-war.


The Panzer Tracts No.9-2: Jagdpanzer IV is an excellent resource for anyone interested in the Jagdpanzer IV tank destroyer. Written by Panzer gurus Thomas Jentz and Hilary Doyle, this book meticulously documents the development, production, and combat history of various versions of the Jagdpanzer IV.

Here are some key features of the book:

  • Detailed CAD Drawings: The Panzer Tracts team created highly accurate CAD drawings for three Jagdpanzers, two Panzer IV/70 (V), and one Panzer IV/70 (A). These drawings provide precise measurements and reveal modifications made to the vehicles over time.
  • Photographs and Scale Drawings: The book includes large and clear photographs, many of which have been rescanned from originals for optimum reproduction quality. Additionally, there are 1:35 scale CAD drawings and 1:10 scale drawings of specific components, tools, and holders.
  • Revised Content: Working closely with Hilary Doyle, Panzerwrecks has overhauled this important book, adding more pages and photographs. The revised edition includes new views of the Kugellager ‘Vorsatz P’ (ball mount) and rewritten captions.
  • Additional Information: The book covers the Panzer IV/70 (V) and Panzer IV/70 (A) variants, with improvements such as extra pages, more photographs (including a preserved Jagdpanzer IV in Syria), and clearer layout and navigation.

This book is a perfect complement to any Jagdpanzer IV build or as an addition to your armor reference library.

Highly Recommended for Beginner to Advanced builders.

Thanks goes out to Panzerwrecks for this review sample.

Reviewed by matthew schaefer


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