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Fonthill Media- Frontkämpfer: Wehrmacht Photo Albums from the Front

ISBN Number: 978-1-78155-895-9 Publisher: Fonthill Media
Published: Wednesday, April 24, 2024 Retail Price: $45.00
Reviewed By: Michael Reeves

Fonthill Media- Frontkämpfer: Wehrmacht Photo Albums from the Front

Book Specifics

Author: Jeff D. Eberle

Price: $45.00

ISBN: 978-1-78155-895-9

Hardcover, 256 Pages, 6.77 x 9.76 in, 407 black & white photographs

What's Inside

If the rise and fall of the German military during WWII interests you, this photographic reference book is for you. The text is minimal- a glossary of commonly used terms in the beginning followed by a brief Introduction. The author states there that as a child, while most were riding bikes and playing sports, he was collecting photographs and albums from WWII. The photos inside the book come from veterans, auction houses, rummage sales, and antique shops. He estimates about 80% of the photos contained here have never before been published, with the remainder coming from Kriegsberichter (war correspondent) photos that have appeared in print before. The book is split into two halves- the first half covering the Blitzkrieg years of 1939-1942 from the invasions of Poland, France and Low Countries, the Balkans and North Africa, Norway and Finland, the war at sea, and the Eastern Front from Barbarossa through to Stalingrad. The second half captures the reversal of fortunes in the East following Stalingrad and retreat back to Germany, the Allied invasion in the West, the fall of Berlin in 1945, and a bonus section of the post-war reconstruction period from 1946-1961.

After the Introduction, the remainder of the book is dedicated purely to the photos and detailed captions. These details include specifics on uniforms, small arms, equipment, and machinery of the military. The knowledge of the author is abundant in his description of all the photo details. All branches are features of the Wehrmacht- including Heer, Luftwaffe, Kriegsmarine, Waffen SS, foreign volunteer legions, Volkssturm, and auxiliary support units. I have attached a number of samples below...

A good possible use for all the refugee figures sets coming from Miniart?



Whether you are just interested in perusing through some never before seen photos from the German side during the war, or are looking for something to boost your enthusiasm to build something out of the ordinary, this book is a worthy pick up to generate interest and spend a nice spring day sitting on the back porch in the sun listening to the birds sing. Some images are a bit blurred but for the most part, many are crisp enough to see insignia patch details on uniforms and the sheen of gunmetal and the shine of leather coats. I for one am thankful to the author for sharing his hard-earned collection of photos with us.

Highly Recommended for anyone interested in German military history.

Thanks goes out to Casemate Publishers for this review sample.

Reviewed by Michael Reeves


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