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Panzer Concepts - MG42 Machine Gun Set (1/16)

Catalog Number: 16011 Manufacturer: Panzer Concepts
Published: Sunday, April 21, 2024 Retail Price: $20 USD
Scale: 1:16 Reviewed By: Chuck Aleshire

Panzer Concepts

MG 42 Machine Gun Set (1/16)

Billie DeBekker’s Panzer Concepts has become pretty well known for its 3D printed, limited run kits of exotic subjects, including big guns of WWI, coastal artillery pieces, and other unique items. Billie’s works are usually limited runs, sometimes limited to just 35-40 kits. With the recent uptick of interest in 1/16 scale armor subjects, it’s very welcome news that Panzer Concepts has started doing some items in that scale.

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What’s in the package

The kit provides parts for three WWII German MG 42 machine guns, which entered German service in 1942, with variants in use to this day. The MG 42 was superior to the MG 34 that preceded it, being cheaper and quicker to mass produce having less machining required. Also, the MG 42 had a higher rate of fire, earning it the nickname “Hitler’s Buzzsaw”.

The kit parts are packaged in a ziploc bag, inside of an appropriately sized cardboard box. There is no other packing material in the box, nor are there any instructions (but truthfully, none are really needed).

Amendment - I’ve been advised by BJ DeBekker that there WILL be instructions in the production version of this kit.

The parts for the three MG’s are all 3D printed, and contained on a single plate (there must be a technical term for these things that 3D parts are printed on, but I sure don’t know it…). The plate has sturdy posts on all four corners to protect the parts.There were no parts detached from the plate, no damage to any parts was noted.

It always amazes me to see how so many delicate parts of varying size can be nested so close together on these print plates / supports. Obviously, great care must be used in clipping the parts free.

Above - a detail view of the ventilated barrel shrouds and muzzle / flash hider detail. All very crisply rendered.

The kit provides parts for two MG’s with fore end bipods folded up under the barrel shroud, and one MG with its bipod folded down and extended. Also, two MG’s have the feed tray cover printed in place (folded down onto the receiver) while one feed tray is provided as a separate part (front and center in the above image).

Above - The butt stocks are provided as separate parts, as are the charging handles seen above to the left of the butt stocks. Just to the right of the butt stocks can be seen side views of the bipods.

I’m advised by Mr. DeBekker that a couple of ammunition drums will be provided in these kits once he markets them, the set I’m reviewing was an early sample.

Above - the amazingly well detailed linked belts of 7.92mm ammunition for the MG’s, including one that is curved as if being fed into the gun.


This kit will provide the builder with three very well detailed MG 42 machine guns. The option to have the ammo feed tray cover open on one gun is nice, as the option to have one of the bipods deployed. The inclusion of exquisitely detailed ammunition belts is really quite welcome.

The various parts are very well and delicately formed, no flaws can be seen on any of them. Of the sometimes seen striations (those pesky little printer lines seen on parts formed by printers), they appear to be almost unnoticeable on these parts, and what little I see of them should be easily cleaned up.

This set will be of great use for builders of German vehicles or figures in 1/16 scale!

Highly Recommended!

Thanks to Panzer Concepts for the review sample

Reviewed by Chuck Aleshire, AMPS Chicagoland

AMPS 2nd Vice President, Midwest Region


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