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Military Modelcraft International - May 2024

ISBN Number: ISSN 2631-7222 Publisher: Guideline Publications, UK
Published: Tuesday, May 7, 2024 Retail Price: $15.00 USD
Reviewed By: GLEN MARTIN


The definitive 100 Page May Issue - 2024



I would call this the chicken soup for the soul issue this month.  Happy days are here once again for the new MMI is now available and out!!!  The May issue is chocked full of interesting articles, facts and tidbits of tasty information, just like that chicken soup and trust me, one spoonful of this one, you'll be wanting more!

Military Modelcraft International is the world's leading English-language military modelling magazine.  I have said this before in reviewing other issues.  I really need to hammer home this fact on this month's issue.    Oh my goodness, is it ever a great issue this month.  Each month it is packed with step-by-step build articles and this month is no different.  It has exclusive reference material, and the latest news and reviews from across the hobby. In each issue they bring you the very best armor modelling from across the world, with informative and accessible text and high-quality photography helping you to improve your modelling skills and get the most from your hobby. Military Modelcraft International boasts over 60,000 followers on Facebook and its international print and digital community is ever expanding, making Military Modelcraft International the world's number one name in military modelling. And still at $15.00 USD, it's a great buy as far as I'm concerned.  You get a lot in the issue every month. 

MMI is also number one for news and reviews, bringing you in-depth box reviews and 'on-the-bench' builds of newly released kits and listings of the latest products from manufacturers big and small. In this month's issue, the relatively new and just now hitting the market hot kit is MINIART's new M3 series Stuart kit.  If you have a need to have this kit in your collection, you need this magazine.  The article on this kit alone is great reading.  Illustrated throughout with the crystal clear photography and accessible step-by-step features, MMI is the indispensable monthly magazine for all military modelers.  The new products section alone is one vital reason for including this magazine in your arsenal of important publications to have.  David Grummitt, the managing editor, continues to put out quality issues and this is no exception to that rule. 


The line-up in this months issue.....

Paul Bennett starts it off this month with an article on Page 18 concerning the Trains4U CVR(T) in 72nd scale.

This month's lead off article is an on the bench build by returning modeler Rob Riviezzo on page 20 in covering a 72nd scale StuG III project.  Rob does an excellent job on building a beautifully detailed small StuG model.

Next on page 28, is the new MINIART M3 Stuart kit.  The has been great talk in the armor modeling world about this new kit and it comes with a lot of promise.  This is a great article covering this new kit.  It comes with a full interior which is exceptional. 

A nice preview report by Tom Cole on the MAFVA (Miniature Armoured Fighting Vehicle Association) National Show starts on page 32.  MAFVA's show has long been a stalwart of high expectations for one of Europe's best destinations when this show is held every year.  The show this year will be on June 16th.

Our Editor David Grummitt on page 34, hits the work bench with a write-up on building the new Tamiya Leopard 2A7V which is a beauty.  Tamiya keeps putting out plastic and this write-up covers a hot kit.

Jesus Ramon Lopez paints Border Model's Leopard 2 in a great painting tutorial on Page 42.  It covers the NATO camo scheme and then goes into how he weathers the model.  The effects are extremely life-like and well worth it if you have any needs to learn how to apply weathering.

Page 45 is our Armour in Profile subject which covers the Hetzer with a headline of "Was it any Good?".  Thomas Anderson goes into some great depth in this article and for historical aspects with this vehicle, the article is an in-depth look on this vehicle.  The article covers a total of 12 pages with awesome photos and a page of paint schemes.  And once you read about the aspects of the Hetzer, on page 58, Javier Redondo shows up with a lovely Hetzer model using Dragon's SD.KFz.138/2 Hetzer Early Version kit in an awesome build of a street scene.  Both of these articles are timed perfectly as the center piece for this issue.

Turning to page 66, Ramón Segarra Guerrero building a very nice model of a IDF Sho't Centurion based in 1967.  The build, the painting and the weathering are covered in this article and the end result is splendid in results.

David Chou from Taiwan reveals what he has built over the years for MMI with some beautiful looking models.  That starts on page 74 and his "works" are simply gorgeous in how he covers the subject.  He loves modern armour and it shows!!

Vincenzo Lanna submits a very nice article on a Vomag Flakwagen by Das Werks.  Coverage of this huge diorama and kit build start on page 80 and it is stunning.

Rounding out this issue is a Diorama scene by Fernando Grannell with a Sherman Firefly with a beautiful building scene.  That starts on page 88.


SO what's in the issue.......Here's some photos of this month's issue....










I received this MMI to review and waited in anticipation for it to hit my mailbox.  It was a great read!  The articles in this month's issue were truly great, every last one of them.  Several of the new kits that have hit the market this spring are there, namely the MINIART M3 Stuart, Tamiya's new Leopard 2A7V and a passing article about the new ICM Sd.Kfz.251/8 Ausf A with Military Medical Personnel.   There is information in the News at the Front section about these new kits, in particular the ICM Sd.Kfz.251/8 and an outstanding release of a new interior kit from Scorpion Miniature Models about a 35th scale interior for AIRFIX's Ferret Mk.2 kit.  Also In the News at the Front section, you can read about Copper State Model's products, along with Hudson & Allen Studio, Dragon and more.  And not to leave this out, Paul Bennett provides a write-up on Trains4U in their CVR(T) Spartan-Late with Stowage Box.  And if that were not enough, MINIART also has information about their new Iraqi T-55 Al Faw/Enigma and the SD.Kfz. 234/2 Puma Interior kit.

To me, the magazine is packed full of content in so many areas; with great build articles, how to's and highlights on what is new in the market.  It's a great addition and I love reading it.  If I sound like I'm sold on this magazine, it's because I am!!!

David Grummitt has produced another great issue.  Well Done David!!

If you think about it, make the purchase while they last and enjoy it. As always, here is a link to the Guideline Publications website and US customers can subscribe to MMI and pay in US dollars at .

I would like to Highly Recommend this magazine for all armour modelers no matter where your skill level is at.  It's a great read and well worth the spend.

Thanks goes out to Guideline Publications for this review kit.

Reviewed by GLEN MARTIN


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