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Takom- JMSDF Mk.45 mod4 5"/62 Naval Gun

Catalog Number: 2183 Manufacturer: TAKOM
Published: Tuesday, May 21, 2024 Retail Price: $35
Scale: 1:35 Reviewed By: Brian Campitella

Takom- JMSDF Mk.45 Mod4 5"/62 Naval Gun

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This was a simple and easy kit to assemble with the parts being up to TAKOM's usual high quality.  The sprue gates were small and easy to remove and the ejector pin marks were on the interior of the parts and not visible after assembly. The inclusion of the metal barrel is a big plus. 

In general the parts fit was excellent, there was no need for any type of filler and only one part needed cleanup and sanding to remove seam lines.  The total construction time, excluding glue drying and paint time was about seven hours. 

The model was painted with out-of-production Testors Model Master enamel paints.

The build begins...  

Steps 1 and 2 begin with the construction of the sides of the turret.  Each side consists of three pieces; the side wall of the turret, the interior, and a door. The turret doors can be posed open to show the interior of the turret or closed.  The interior is a single detailed insert that shows the workings of the autoloader and other gun functions.  The gun itself is not visible.  I chose to display one door open and one closed.

The interior has very small and faint attachment guides.  Be certain that the interior piece is square with the bottom of the turret side or it will look crooked with the door open.

I painted both doors separately and added them after the turret and interior was painted to eliminate any need for masking.

Step 3 builds the base of the turret and turret ring.  The four quarter circle pieces that form the ring do not have any indication of exactly where they sit on the underside of the turret.  However, if you place all four on the turret bottom they will self align and then can accurately  be glued in place.