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PeKo- Panzer-RGT./ABT.18 On the Battlefield

ISBN Number: 978-615-6602-23-7 Publisher: PeKo Publishing Kft.
Published: Friday, June 21, 2024 Retail Price: $41.95
Reviewed By: Frank Froment

Panzer-RGT./ABT.18 On the Battlefield


Book Information:

  • Author: Tom Cockle
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Pages: 109 Pages with 102 black and white photos and captions
  • Chapters: Acknowledgements and Introduction then 102 pages of photos
  • ISBN: 978-615-6602-23-7
  • Publisher: Peko Publishing
  • Copyright: 2024
  • Cost: $41.95
  • Language: English / Hungarian

About the Book:

Tom Cockle brings you a pictorial of the history Panzer-Rgt./Abt.18 On the Battlefield in this 26th volume of the World War Two Photobook SeriesHis photos provide you with a history of this unit from December 1940 to its demise in October 1943 when it was annihilated in Vitebsk. The German Army was preparing to invade England after they conquered France, and this was one of the Tauch-Panzer Abteilung they developed for that purpose. The Introduction provides a brief history of the unit. There are many photos of Panzer III and IV tanks along with many Tauch-Panzers. These photos include battlefield shots, repair movements, resting soldiers with their vehicles and damaged vehicles. Page after page highlights these tanks with captions in both English and Hungarian. there are definitely some interesting photographs.  I have provided a few for your review, but the book has many more that will interest you.

I highly recommend this book as it has a wealth of great model reference photographs for the modeler and a great deal of information for those that like history.  The photos are clean and crisp and provide some details of the Panzer III's, IV's and the Tauch-Panzers.  If you like to build dioramas and vignettes, there are great ideas for you, especially the fourth photo from the top.  

Thanks goes out to Casemate Publishing for this book to review.

Reviewed by Frank Froment, AMPS Sponsorship Coordinator and Minuteman AMPS member


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