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Takom- StuG III Storage and Equipment

Catalog Number: 8018 Manufacturer: TAKOM
Published: Sunday, June 23, 2024 Retail Price: $12
Scale: 1:35 Reviewed By: Michael Reeves

Takom- 1/35 StuG III Storage and Equipment

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This is not much of a build article per se since it is just some individual accessory pieces, but I thought it best to write a small piece up. Things begin with the crates and barrels for me. The larger longer crates went together with no issues, but the smaller shorter ones with the side brackets (parts K8 and K9) were more delicate. I ended up breaking one or two of those side pieces and had to carefully glue them together on the crate. One of the barrels comes covered with a tarp which hides the seams better than the one without. I used the new AMMO Atom paints from the German Tank Colors set to paint.

The jerry cans, oil cans, helmets, buckets, coffee/milk cans, and potato sacks don't require too much assembly- bottoms to the thermoses, tops to the oil cans, and typical jerry can assembly. The included PE provides wire handles for the buckets. I painted some of the jerry cans and helmets in Panzer gray and others in DAK yellow. The box also includes spare tow cable ends, brackets, and even a frame for the stowage which was still drying at the time of taking these photos.


As mentioned in the First Look, this is a great set of accessories regardless of the German tank you're building. There is certainly no reason to limit these to just your StuG builds- and these can be used to fill in any blank areas on your tanks or your diorama scenes. Stencils and markings for the jerry cans and crates are the only glaring omissions. I really wish Takom could step up much like the Ukrainian companies like ICM and Miniart do with their accessory sets- with full sets of stencils and the like, but other than that- this is a great way to dress up your builds to make them stand out from the rest.

Highly Recommended for Beginner to Advanced builders.

Thanks goes out to Takom for this review kit.

Reviewed by Michael Reeves


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