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Panzer III on the Battlefield

ISBN Number: 978-615-5583-06-3 Publisher: PeKo Publishing Kft.
Published: Wednesday, May 10, 2017 Retail Price: EU 28.95
Reviewed By: Dan Egan

Panzer III on the Battlefield




PeKo Publishing from Hungary has been publishing many titles in their "...on the battlefield" series. These are hardcover, very high quality photo collections of a single vehicle type. Previously, AMPS has reviewed their books on the KV, Panther and the Panzerwaffe. The latest in the series is the Panzer III on the battlefield. The Panzer III was numerically the most important tank in the German inventory in the first half of the war, so, as you'd expect, there is a wide variety of photos here from every theatre in which the tank was used. 

The book is organized in development history order. Thus the first few photos are of the pre-production Ausf A-D series, of which only a few dozen each were made. The book works its way through the other ausfrungs, ending with the very late Ns.  

The photographs themselves are mostly new to me, and are of very high quality throughout. Below, one of the early models in the "blitzkreig era", complete with the floppy berets.  




One of the cool features of this book series is that we see a lot of damaged or knocked-out AFVs. Here's an ausf E partially burned out.  




 We also see every aspect of the AFVs ;)   This is an oddball, since it is a very early Panzer III with late, all-steel return rollers. 





Very nice portrait of a well-stowed Panzer III, almost certainly a battalion HQ vehicle.  




Another wreck, with half the turret blown out.  




This late ausf J was my favorite photo in the book. It's a great portrait of a dirty tank. The photo is very sharp so all the details can be picked out.  




This is a terrific collection of in-action and after-action photos. Each one is reproduced in full-page size, so the modeler can pick up on all the small details. If you are into Panzer IIIs, this is an excellent modeling resource.  


Very Highly Recommended for Beginner to Advanced builders. Must Have for Panzer III fans. 

Thanks goes out to Peko Publishing for this review sample.

Reviewed by Danny Egan


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