AMPS is all about armor modeling and the preservation of armor and mechanized heritage.

AMPS 2022 International Show
Contest Pre-Registration and Advance Admission Purchase

Pre-registration is open from Tuesday, February 1, 2022 to Thursday, March 31, 2022. After pre-registration closes you will still be able to edit and print out your forms. However, you will not be able to change the number of models entered. If you need to change the number of models entered after this date, please go to the registration desk at the show.

Please note - you can't print blank entry forms. You must fill in all of your model information first. You will then be able to print forms that are completely filled in.

Using this system, you can register yourself and your model entries and print your completed registration forms. When you arrive at the show, there will be a special line for you to receive your admission badge, after which you can walk right into the pass-through table and hand off your model.

You have to be a member of AMPS to register for the contest. If you are not a current AMPS member, you can renew or join when you pre-register at a special discounted rate.

If you are a current member of AMPS, log into the website before you pre-register - it will make things much quicker. If you don't know your login credentials, you can use the password/username retrieval options under the 'Sign In' menu.

If your membership has lapsed, you will need your membership number and the email address you used when you joined AMPS in order to renew through this system. You can retrieve your membership number by clicking here .

Adult Current AMPS Members can register up to 4 models for $35

Juniors can enter an unlimited number of models for $15.

If you are not yet a member of AMPS, you can join AMPS and register at the same time, and take advantage of a special combination rate of $60.

If you are an existing AMPS member, you can register and renew your membership at the same time and also take advantage of the special combination rate. The combo registration/renewal rate is $55. If you membership has expired, you will be renewed for one year. If your membership is not yet expired, one year will be added to your current registration.

If you are a Junior (under 18), you can register and join AMPS for just $30.

Payment for the online registration system is via Paypal. If you want to pay by check, instructions are included in the registration process, but you will have to wait a couple of weeks before you can enter your models and print your forms, as the check will have to be mailed to AMPS. We highly recommend paying using Paypal.

Registration involves filling out the online registration form and then paying the registration fee. Once your payment is received (instantly for Paypal, a couple of weeks for a check) you will be able to add your model entries, and print out your forms.