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AMPS CENTEX South Central Regional 2007
Sat Oct 20, 2007
Camp Mabry’s Texas Military Forces Museum

About the Show

The AMPS Centex 2007 show was held on October 20, 2007 at the Texas Military Forces Museum at Camp Mabry in Austin, Texas.

There were 43 Contestants this year and 159 entries.  This was a 49% decrease in contestants from our 2005 show (87 contestants) however there was a slight increase in entries (2%) over our 2005 show.   Many of the contestants were repeat contestants from our previous three shows.  72% of the contestants were classified as “Advanced” modelers and the quality of work was excellent.  The quality of the models was on the level of the national show though the quantity was only about 30% of what the National show brings in.  We had modelers from all over the state of Texas attend.  We also had modelers from New Mexico and Oklahoma.   

Our vendors were mostly from the Texas area led by King’s Hobby and Paradise Hobbies.  Although we did have Formations from Tennessee, and CNE Hobbies from Oklahoma attend the show.  Unfortunately, we had one vendor cancellation from Tiger Model Designs (Florida) and Wings N’ Treads (Minnesota) didn’t show up due to a last minute medical emergency.   This was a disappointment since these were two of our big name vendors.

We had a lot of quality door prizes this year with many new kits available.  I want to thank everyone who donated door prizes.

One of the criticisms of the show was vendor placement.  We had a last minute glitch with the museum and their vehicle maintenance program.  They were scheduled to move the M4 Sherman 105mm from the museum to the maintenance building.  So we couldn’t place vendors in front of that vehicle or its drive path.  However, I don’t know how many model shows has a M4 Sherman 105mm startup and drive through it… this maybe a first.  Anyway, most people thought it was cool.  By the way, some people say it is an Israeli M50 converted into a M4 105mm gun tank.  I am still researching that claim. J

Another criticism was that we ran out of vendor trays to hold the models.  This is true but I think it was due to the fact that we couldn’t form four judging teams until around noon.  This slowed up the judging and therefore the trays were being used to hold models waiting to be judge.

One final criticism that was mentioned was that the model display room was poorly lit.  Now, this is our third show at the museum and this was the first time I had heard concerns about lighting inside the model display area.  I personally didn’t see a problem but other colleagues did concur that the lighting could have been better.

Though I have concentrated on some of the criticisms of the show, these criticism don’t make the show a failure.  On the contrary, it was a great show for our club and vendors and attendees concur.   Many people had a great time.  There will always be people who aren’t happy.   We can’t please everyone.  The show was a success and we are happy to hold another one in 2009.  Be assured that we will address some of the criticisms of the 2007 show.

 I want to thank all the members of the Austin Armor Builders Society, our fellow AMPS members, our Vendors, our registration team, our Judges, Contestants, Visitors, and the Texas Military Forces Museum for all the assistance they provided to the show.  Also, I would like to thank the AMPS E-Board for their continual support of our Regional show.

Roderick Bell

President, Austin Armor Builders Society (AMPSCentex)

AMPS 2nd Vice-President, Midwest Region


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 Contest Results

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