AMPS is all about armor modeling and the preservation of armor and mechanized heritage.

AMPS 2009 International Convention
Fri Apr 17, 2009 to Sat Apr 18, 2009
Havre de Grace, Maryland

About the Show

What a show !

The 2009 AMPS International Convention is over. Thank you to everyone - crew, guests and vendors - who made it a great success. We wanted a good show as our 'adieu to Havre de Grace' and thanks to you we did it. The show was run exceptionally well; kudos to John Charvat and the crew.

Show time is a good time to take stock of the club. The AMPS Constitution requires us to report on the state of the society at the annual general meeting (AGM). For those of you who could not attend that meeting, a copy of the slides will be available on this site shortly.

Club membership remains high at over 650 members. We had three new chapters form so far this year with at least one more expected shortly. The show had 174 entrants and something like 500 models. We'll update those numbers shortly; a computer failure at the show left us relying on estimates. Our treasury is in adequate shape, although things have tightened up just as they have elsewhere and we have a little less money on hand. Our costs for postage are rising and the show venue next year is mnore expensive than this past year. Still, there is no cause for worry.
Sean Lynch of AMPS-Chicagoland (the rockingist, rock-steady raptor-chapter around) has volunteered to chair AMPS 2010. The show will be at the very same WW2 Victory Museum that garnered such enthusiastic feedback in 2008. The show theme, selected by you the members, is "Stash Builds", i.e., a kit from your stash that is at least ten years old in 2010. This is meant as our little poke in the eye to the recession. Damn the economy, full speed ahead ;) You can pimp out your model however you like as long as the base kit is no newer than 2000.
Working together we will continue to do great things for the little plastic tank hobby. See you in Auburn in 2010!

- Danny Egan, President

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