AMPS is all about armor modeling and the preservation of armor and mechanized heritage.

AMPS 2018 International Convention
Thu May 3, 2018 to Sat May 5, 2018
Hope Hotel and Richard C. Holbrooke Conference Center, Dayton, OH

About the Show

Thanks to all who attended the AMPS 2018 International Convention here in Dayton back in May. What a tremendous turnout of modelers, vendors, and family members! This was the largest AMPS “Big Show” yet: 197 modelers entered and 708 models judged! Vendors turned out in force to meet the unending demand for kits, aftermarket, references, and consumables. In all, 23 vendors filled 103 tables with their wares and went home with their inventories far lighter than when they arrived.

Behind the scenes for the year prior, a cadre of dedicated volunteers worked to make the show a huge success even before the doors opened that Thursday morning in Dayton. Special thanks go out to the 2018 AMPS “Cadre:” Ashely Abernathy, Mike Petty, John Charvat, Mike Del Veccio, John Robinson, Glen Martin, Mike Reaves, Brian Messier, Frank Cicarrella, Neil Stokes, Chuck Rothman, Chuck Willis, Dan Egan, Eric Choy, Tom Faith, Paul Helfrich, Chris Bumgarner, and Camden Koukol.

Thanks are also due to Sandi Petty, Kim Aleshire, Janice Rothman, and Sheila Roof for their tireless efforts keeping the registration and judging data and forms straight.

To all who volunteered to help with judging, running, registration, raffle, and vendor support duties, a hearty “thank you” is extended for your role in making the event a huge success.

Special thanks to all of our sponsors are in order, with special recognition of our corporate sponsors:
Micro World Games

  • Sprue Brothers
  • Squadron/ M M D
  • Formations
  • AFV Club
  • Thatchweave Productions
  • Tiger Model
  • Merit International
  • Scale75 USA

Your support enabled us to go the “extra mile” in making this a successful and enjoyable show for all.

Eyes are now focused downrange towards the 2019 show in Buffalo, NY, which is shaping up to be a great one. I look forward to seeing you all there.  Now it’s time to get to the bench and start cranking out pieces for the City of Light.

With gratitude,
Dave Koukol
AMPS 2018 Int’l Convention Show Chairman

Best Of and Theme Awards

Best Commonwealth

Sponsored by AMPS Toronto, AMPS Toronto

Winner: Otter Lght Recon Car by David Showell

Best Russian/Soviet

Sponsored by AMPS Vermont

Winner: Russian SA-6 Gainful by Ken Guntin

Best German

Sponsored by Sooner AMPS, Nordland AMPS

Winner: Panzer II ausf. L Luchs by David Bridges

Best United States

Sponsored by AMPS Central VA, Nordland AMPS

Winner: M-24 Chaffee by Chris Toops

Best Small Army

Sponsored by AMPS Upper Valley Model Club

Winner: Canadian TLAV by Harvey Low

Best Figure

Sponsored by Mac McDaniel, Brandon Herrick

Winner: Pacific Marine by Scott Primeau

Best Junior

Sponsored by Chuck Willis, Eric Choy (Boresight Chief Editor)

Winner: British 7-Ton Armoured Car by Camden Koukol

Best Vignette

Sponsored by AMPS Central Maryland, Dana Sadarananda

Winner: Welcome to Paradise by Greg Hanchuk

Best Diorama

Sponsored by AMPS Albany, AMPS Upper Valley Model Club

Winner: Approaching Peril by Shawn Hays

Andy Smith Best Basic Model

Sponsored by Scott Conner - AMPS 2nd VP, Central US Region

Winner: A Place to Play by Larry Clausen

Theme Award

Sponsored by Wright Field Scale Modelers, Sean McAndrews

Winner: Santa Maria Italy May 1944 by Barry Beaudry

Best Master

Sponsored by Mark Corbett,

Winner: Panzer II, Ausf L, Luchs by David Vickers

Peoples Choice

Sponsored by Brian Messier,

Winner: Tamiya US M10 Tank Destroyer Mid by Mike Trentadue

Best Braille Scale

Sponsored by AMPS Central Pennsylvania, AMPS Central Pennsylvania

Winner: Taldi I by David Showell

John C. Browning Memorial Best Wheeled Vehicle

Sponsored by Pierce Browning, Pierce Browning

Winner: WOT2 truck, El Alamein by Chris Lloyd-Staples

George Edgehill Memorial Best Special Forces Award

Sponsored by Pierce Browning, Pierce Browning

Winner: British SAS Bust by Scott Primeau

David Harper Best Marine Corps Armor

Sponsored by Dave Vickers, Dave Vickers

Winner: Sink or Swim by Robert Burik

Richard Sullivan (R&J Enterprises) Memorial Best Brummbar Award

Sponsored by Mark Ford, Mark Ford

Winner: Brummbar by Dave Forest

Dave Lockhart Judges' Best of Show

Sponsored by AMPS, AMPS

Winner: Canadian TLAV by Harvey Low

I - Closed Top Tracked Armor to 1899-1934 (based on markings)


Sponsored by AMPS Central VA, Robert Teubert
Reg #PersonEntryMedal
206-AGraham Holmes Hobbyboss Vickers Medium Mk1 Gold


Sponsored by AMPS Central VA, Robert Teubert
Reg #PersonEntryMedal
179-EJohn Dugene British MK IV Tank Silver
132-FJerry Hendrickson Mark IV Marie Chen Silver
193-ABrian K. Hoffman stug III Auf.G Silver
066-ARuss Hogg Sturmpanzer Bronze


Sponsored by AMPS Central VA, Robert Teubert
Reg #PersonEntryMedal
141-AMark Clabaugh Soviet SU-18 SPH Gold
058-CIan Dow Renault FT- 17H Gold
058-DIan Dow Renault FT - 17M Gold
161-AJim Mesko Mark IV (in German Markings) Gold
032-ADaniel O'Connor WW I British Mk. IV Male Heavy Battle Tank Gold
185-FDavid Showell Spanish Ft17 Gold
061-ARob Teubert British mark II female tank Gold
124-AMichael Bedard FT-17 Silver
084-APeter Espada Marder III Silver
101-ADavid Farris FT 17 Silver
164-ATim Greeman US Six Ton tank Silver
095-ADave Koukol Renault FT-17 Silver
041-DKip Rudge Whippet Silver
074-AChris Toops Mark IV British tank Silver
026-ADavid Welch Vickers Mk. I Bronze
171-AMatt Bond FT-17 Light Tank No Medal

II - Closed Top Tracked Armor 1935-1945 Axis (based on markings)


Sponsored by Chuck Aleshire, AMPS 2VP Midwest Region, Glen Martin
Reg #PersonEntryMedal
199-FBernard Blonski Panzer III AUSF M/N Gold
177-BRobert Edwards Panzer IV/Ausf.D 3./PR31 Gold
177-CRobert Edwards Panzer I Ausf.A Pre-war maneuvers Gold
199-DBernard Blonski Panzer 3 AUSF J Silver
199-EBernard Blonski Panzer 4 Ausf F-1 Silver
199-HBernard Blonski German Hetzer Silver
025-CMikkel Petrich Early Brummbar Silver
144-ANate Wise VE w/ PAK conversion Silver


Sponsored by Chuck Aleshire, AMPS 2VP Midwest Region, Glen Martin
Reg #PersonEntryMedal
180-ATony Abbott JapaneseType 94Tankette Gold
059-APhillip Cavender King Tiger "332" on a M9 Trailer Gold
181-CRobert Hallack The Last Stug - Stug IIIG Late Gold
056-BRon Hoague Panzer IV Grossdeutchland Division. Gold
193-BBrian K. Hoffman "Brummbar" Gold
038-BAaron Kuck Tiger I Late Production Gold
017-CRock Marcone Achtung vor Minen! Gold
158-ARick Beman Panther G w/aerial armour Silver
020-ADan Drake Bergepanzer Tiger (P) Recovery Vehicle Silver
179-CJohn Dugene Sd Kfz 231 Paner spahwagen Silver
155-AKevin Foureman Pz. Kpfw. 35 (t) Silver
155-BKevin Foureman Carro Veloce C.V. 38 Silver
155-CKevin Foureman Carro Veloce C.V. 33 (serie II) Silver
040-BBill Kreuger Type 94 Japanese tankette, late production Silver
040-CBill Kreuger Type 94 Japanese tankette, early production, with trailer Silver
038-EAaron Kuck King Tiger - Late Production Silver
089-EStew Langenbeck Hold On Silver
121-BKeith Brusten Early Panther ausf. A Bronze
162-ATom Potts Dragon E-100 Bronze
166-BRichard Bendan JS-2 Stalin II Dragon No Medal
166-CRichard Bendan French H39 Hotchkiss Light Tank Bronco No Medal
181-HRobert Hallack Jagdpanzer IV No Medal


Sponsored by Chuck Aleshire, AMPS 2VP Midwest Region, Glen Martin
Reg #PersonEntryMedal
048-AAshley Abernathy Sdkfz 265 Gold
085-GBrett Avants Elefant in Italy Gold
023-ASteve Bacon VK 4502(P) Gold
171-BMatt Bond Tiger I (Tunisian Theater) Gold
171-LMatt Bond Panzer 1 Ausf F Gold
130-AChad Bowser Panther Ausf D Gold
021-CDavid Bridges Panzer II ausf. L Luchs Gold
150-FDustin Dias Minehraumer S Gold
069-BDave Forest Hungarian Turan I Gold
069-CDave Forest Brummbar Gold
039-AAdam Harless Panther 123 I./Pz.Rgt.2 Russia Early 1944 Gold
184-AWilliam Horn Stug III Early Gold
047-BNathan Laporte Sturmtiger Gold
115-JHenry Milton 15cm Sturminfanteriegeschütz 33 Gold
050-AJohn Robinson Sturmmorser Tiger Gold
001-AChuck Rothman StuH 42, Sicily, 1943 Gold
079-IDana Sadarananda Panther D Gold
185-CDavid Showell Beute F117 Gold
185-DDavid Showell Taldi I Gold
142-ARick Stambaugh King Tiger Gold
043-ANeil Stokes StuH.42 Ausf E. Winter 1942/43 Gold
074-CChris Toops Jagdpanzer IV A/o Gold
143-BTimothy Treadway PzKw III M Operation Zitadelle Gold
085-EBrett Avants Sturmtiger Silver
171-DMatt Bond Panzer 38 (t) Silver
157-AKenneth Childers Jagdanzer IV Silver
072-CVincent D'Alessio Balkan Knight Silver
150-EDustin Dias Maus Silver
088-FPatrick Foutch German Panzer II B/C Silver
012-AFrank Froment Panther G Steel Wheel Silver
173-AGerry Gardiner Italian M13/40 Silver
004-EChris Graeter German Brummbar Silver
164-BTim Greeman PzKwIV D Silver
094-ARichard Guetig Pan. III Ausf. L Silver
105-APeter Haring Forward!!! Silver
184-BWilliam Horn Jagdpanzer IV Silver
116-BLaDorr "Ed" Ingersoll Panzer II Silver
053-AMark Kleinfelter Hungarian Zryini ll Silver
123-ATom Kondziolka VCL Light Amphibious Tank A4E12 Royal Netherlands East India Army Silver
123-DTom Kondziolka Sturmhaubitze 42 10.5 cm le FH 18 Ausf. G Silver
195-BAndy Leffler Panzer III AusF K Command Silver
160-HRon Leker Stug III B Silver
115-GHenry Milton Stug III D Silver
034-CLonny Moyer King Tiger - sPz Abt 503 Silver
041-EKip Rudge Grossdeutschland Panzer IV F2 Silver
041-FKip Rudge Luchs Silver
041-GKip Rudge Tiger I Early Silver
074-BChris Toops Pz. IV H Silver
170-ATom Wingate Jagd Panther (early) Silver
124-BMichael Bedard 五式中戦車 チリ (TYpe 5 Chi-Ri) Bronze
171-CMatt Bond Panzer II Ausf Bronze
028-FMike Brignola Tiger Bronze
088-IPatrick Foutch German Panzer 1 Ausf. A Bronze
151-AJerry Fraske PzkwIb (1939- Polish Campaign) Bronze
160-CRon Leker Hetzer Bronze
161-BJim Mesko "Brummbar" Bronze
188-CTracy Palmer To The Front Bronze
170-BTom Wingate Jagd Tiger 1945 Bronze
126-BWilliam Winter Fiat-Ansaldo M13/40 Bronze
117-CDavid Wrinkle IJA Type 4 Light Tank "Ke-Nu" Bronze
028-AMike Brignola JagdPanther No Medal
072-DVincent D'Alessio Balkan Knight No Medal
088-HPatrick Foutch German 184 Elefant No Medal
073-AKeith Iehle Elefant No Medal
095-BDave Koukol PzKpfw III No Medal
097-ARonald Logan brummbar No Medal

III - Closed Top Tracked Armor 1935-1945 Allied (based on markings)


Sponsored by AMPS Chicagoland, Glen Martin
Reg #PersonEntryMedal
199-BBernard Blonski LVT -A1 Gold
199-CBernard Blonski Russian KV-1 Gold
199-IBernard Blonski Russian BT -7 Gold
206-BGraham Holmes Tamiya JS-2 Gold
199-KBernard Blonski SV 76 I Bronze


Sponsored by AMPS Chicagoland, Glen Martin
Reg #PersonEntryMedal
070-CJames Causley T26E4 "Super Pershing" Gold
065-ETheodore Docter SU-100 Soviet Tank Destroyer, 208th Guards Medium SPG Brigade; Deg, Hungary March 1945 Gold
107-ACourt Hughes M4 (105) Sherman Gold
178-AKevin Kenny M4A1 76 mm w/applique Gold
191-CAaron Aldridge M22 Locust Silver
020-CDan Drake KV-2 152mm Heavy Tank Silver
179-AJohn Dugene Sherman Tank Silver
140-AStephen Fry KV-1 "Spring Mud" Silver
132-EJerry Hendrickson M-26 WWII Silver
193-CBrian K. Hoffman T-62A Silver
038-CAaron Kuck KV-1 Model 1942 Lightweight Cast Turret Silver
162-BTom Potts Trumpeter T26E3 Silver
162-CTom Potts Dragon T34/76 Silver
140-BStephen Fry M4 Sherman "Dusty Road" Bronze
060-DPaul Helfrich Sherman M4A2 Bronze


Sponsored by AMPS Chicagoland, Glen Martin
Reg #PersonEntryMedal
085-BBrett Avants M3 Grant Gold
075-AEdward Bernardo Char B1 bis Gold
008-ARichard Fisher M4A3E2 Jumbo Gold
173-DGerry Gardiner T34/76 Gold
149-BJohn Hale Ford Motor Co. M4A3 Gold
149-CJohn Hale M4 Sherman Gold
186-EShawn Hays IC Firefly Gold
103-ARebecca Hettmansperger Sherman Firefly Ic 3rd Sqn., Krechowiecki Lancers Reg., 2nd Polish Armoured Div. Gold
116-ALaDorr "Ed" Ingersoll Cromwell on Nijmegen Bridge Gold
194-ASandy McRorie Stuart V Gold
109-AScott Primeau M4A3e8 Gold
027-BDaniel Rothenberger Jr Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty! Gold
001-CChuck Rothman Eskimo Gold
185-BDavid Showell Sherman IB Gold
142-BRick Stambaugh Sherman Mk III Gold
074-DChris Toops M-24 Chaffee Gold
026-BDavid Welch Cromwell Gold
048-CAshley Abernathy JS2 Model 1944 Silver
085-CBrett Avants Soviet T-50 Silver
085-DBrett Avants Soviet KV-2 Silver
085-FBrett Avants Desert Valentine Silver
124-CMichael Bedard Char 2C Silver
051-AFrank Blanton M24 Chaffee 20th Armored Div. Germany 1945 Silver
171-EMatt Bond M4A1 Sherman Silver
019-AThomas Borreli M3A3 Stuart 1st Bn, 1st Chinese Provisional Tank Grp. Burma 1945 Silver
002-AJohn Charvat A Clever Disguise Silver
072-BVincent D'Alessio Berlin Bound Silver
091-BScott Dimmick M3 Lee (Early) Silver
084-FPeter Espada M3 Stuart Light Tank (Mid-Production) Silver
088-DPatrick Foutch M5A1 Stuart Tank Silver
004-DChris Graeter Char 2C Silver
164-CTim Greeman Sherman II Silver
094-BRichard Guetig M4A3E8 Silver
094-CRichard Guetig M26 Pershing Silver
149-AJohn Hale M4A3E2 Cobra King Silver
037-AKurt Laughlin M3A3 12th Armored Division 1943 Silver
160-ERon Leker JS-Z Silver
161-CJim Mesko Cramwwell Silver
161-DJim Mesko LVT - 1(A) Silver
161-EJim Mesko M4A3 USMC Iwo Jima Silver
034-ALonny Moyer KV-1S North Caucasus Silver
009-AJim Root M4A3E8 Sherman Silver
009-BJim Root Sherman Firefly Silver
041-BKip Rudge Firefly IC Silver
041-CKip Rudge T35/85 Silver
170-DTom Wingate T34/85 Silver
171-FMatt Bond Normandie Bronze
130-BChad Bowser SU-122 Bronze
069-ADave Forest M4 Sherman Bronze
088-CPatrick Foutch Red Army M4A2 (76) Bronze
088-EPatrick Foutch US M-18 Hellcat Bronze
203-AEric Hrymak KV-85 Bronze
203-BEric Hrymak JSU- 122 S Bronze
073-BKeith Iehle M10 tank destroyer Bronze
073-CKeith Iehle Polish Firefly Bronze
018-BJohn Kirkpatrick M4A4 Sherman Bronze
160-JRon Leker SU 122 Bronze
034-BLonny Moyer Sherman Mark Vc Firefly, 4th CLY, 7AD Bronze
067-EEdmund Schnabel Codename: Swallow Bronze
080-ATim Streeter M3 Lee Bronze
080-BTim Streeter M26 Pershing Bronze
007-ADanny Egan ISU-152-2 No Medal
012-HFrank Froment M5A1 Stuart No Medal
095-CDave Koukol M3 Lee No Medal

IV - Closed Top Tracked Armor 1946-1990 (based on markings)


Sponsored by SABOT Publications, Glen Martin
Reg #PersonEntryMedal
137-EStuart Kane Academy Magach 6B Gal Batash Gold
025-BMikkel Petrich T-62 545 Sino-Soviet Conflict 1969 Gold
118-AChuck Homolka M46 Patton Silver
137-DStuart Kane Takom Merkava MK-1 Bronze


Sponsored by SABOT Publications, Glen Martin
Reg #PersonEntryMedal
070-BJames Causley M24 Chaffee - Korea Gold
193-DBrian K. Hoffman DUKW Gold
178-BKevin Kenny Leopard 1A3A1 Gold
132-AJerry Hendrickson M4A3E8 Sherman Korean War Silver
132-BJerry Hendrickson M-47 Silver
132-DJerry Hendrickson M-48 Vietnam War Silver
106-AStuart Vandervort M113 Silver
106-DStuart Vandervort The Ontos Silver
113-AJames Williams T-62A Silver
179-DJohn Dugene Russian BTR 80A Bronze
060-CPaul Helfrich M60A3 Bronze
132-GJerry Hendrickson M-46 Tiger Bronze
049-BHorst Hopf T-54B Bronze
129-AClaude Moulton Egyptian Sherman with AMX-13 Turret No Medal


Sponsored by SABOT Publications, Glen Martin
Reg #PersonEntryMedal
124-DMichael Bedard 61式戦車 (Roku-ichi Shiki sensha) Gold
013-AScott Bregi 9M8M Krug-a (SA-4) Gold
021-BDavid Bridges T29E3 Heavy Tank Gold
004-CChris Graeter Tiran-5 Gold
030-AWilliam Kalmar M1 Abrams Gold
192-AJohn Maher Pershing Gold
102-Amark miller Swedish STRV 103B Gold
005-AMike Petty T29E3 Gold
079-FDana Sadarananda Syrian T-54B Gold
114-BKonrad Schreier Centurion Mk. III in Korea; Bloody hell, that's not good. Gold
143-ATimothy Treadway Centurion Mk III Korea 1953 Gold
143-CTimothy Treadway Hotchkiss H39 Israel 1948 Gold
026-CDavid Welch IS-3M , in Egyptian service in 1967 Gold
085-ABrett Avants Syrian T-54 Golan Heights 1973 Silver
002-BJohn Charvat Operation Peace for Galilee Silver
010-DScott Conner Magach 6B Gal Batash Silver
084-DPeter Espada U.S. M60A3 Main Battle Tank Silver
101-FDavid Farris A30 Tank Destroyer Silver
172-CTom Gannon Syrian Panzerkamphwagen IV Silver
164-DTim Greeman M113 Zelda Silver
094-DRichard Guetig Stridvagn 103 Swedish "S" Tank Silver
039-BAdam Harless Chieftain MK 10 Berlin Brigade Silver
076-ATony Higgs M60A1 Silver
027-ADaniel Rothenberger Jr Range Marshall Silver
001-DChuck Rothman Godzilla Fodder, Japanese Type 61 Silver
079-EDana Sadarananda USMC M1A1 Silver
079-GDana Sadarananda Israeli M51 Silver
159-APascal H. Zandt T-55 Silver
171-GMatt Bond Korean War M4A3E8 Bronze
010-BScott Conner Korean War M46 Bronze
084-CPeter Espada U.S. M41A3 Light Tank Bronze
008-BRichard Fisher M48A3 Bronze
172-BTom Gannon IDF Latrun Tower Sherman Bronze
073-DKeith Iehle Israeli M51 Sherman Bronze
005-BMike Petty M67A2 Hue - Tet 1968 Bronze
012-FFrank Froment MTLB No Medal
173-EGerry Gardiner SLA Militia AMX 13/75 No Medal
160-FRon Leker ASU-85 No Medal
079-CDana Sadarananda M1A1 AIM No Medal
100-CAlex Valz Inchon offensive No Medal

V - Closed Top Tracked Armor 1991-Present (based on markings)


Sponsored by Mac McDaniel, Glen Martin
Reg #PersonEntryMedal
137-CStuart Kane Tumpeter T-90A MBT Gold
025-AMikkel Petrich Captured Russian T-72B3 in Ukrainian service Gold
169-ATim Rothenberger Absolute Death M1A2 Silver


Sponsored by Mac McDaniel, Glen Martin
Reg #PersonEntryMedal
056-ARon Hoague M1A2 Abrams in Poland Gold
178-CKevin Kenny Panzerhaubitze 2000 A1 Gold
181-GRobert Hallack M1A1 Abrams Silver
145-ABeau Minnick Chilean M51 Silver
208-BJay Abele M1A2 TuskII Bronze


Sponsored by Mac McDaniel, Glen Martin
Reg #PersonEntryMedal
048-DAshley Abernathy USMC M103 Gold
152-DFrank Baehre M2A2 Bradley Gold
182-AJoseph Bevans Charlie - 42 USMCM1A1HC Abrams Gold
013-BScott Bregi Flakpanzer Gepard 1A2 Gold
141-BMark Clabaugh British Challenger II Gold
010-CScott Conner IDF Nagmachon APC Gold
058-AIan Dow T-55Enigma Gold
068-ATim Howell USMC M1A1 with mine roller “BOREGASM” Gold
095-EDave Koukol M1A2 Abrams Gold
047-DNathan Laporte Syrian T-72av Gold
160-IRon Leker Type 10 MBT Gold
079-BDana Sadarananda Iraqi T-55 Enigma Gold
079-DDana Sadarananda Russian T-90A Gold
079-JDana Sadarananda Israeli Merkava IV LIC Gold
167-AMike Trentadue AFV Club British UN Scimitar Gold
117-DDavid Wrinkle M1A2 Abrams Gold
122-BGene Best Merkava Mk III Silver
183-ABrian Dwight Peoples Liberation Army ZBD-86B Silver
101-BDavid Farris Welcome to Sudan Silver
173-FGerry Gardiner Libyan Resintance T55 Silver
004-BChris Graeter USMC M1A1 Abrams Silver
131-AGreg Hanchuk T-90 Silver
030-BWilliam Kalmar M1A2 SEP V2 Silver
053-BMark Kleinfelter T-64 BV Silver
079-LDana Sadarananda Syrian T-55 AMV Silver
044-CJames Spellmire Overturned T-80 Silver
003-AMichael Del Vecchio M981 FISTV in NATO Camouflage Bronze
094-ERichard Guetig British Challenger II Bronze
036-ATimothy Kosak 2S19 MSTA-S Bronze
115-HHenry Milton Syrian Arab Army T-55 AMV Bronze
170-CTom Wingate SdKfz 251/22 Bronze
126-AWilliam Winter Singapore Leopard II Revolution Bronze
076-DTony Higgs CM-11 Brave Tiger No Medal
095-DDave Koukol M1A2 Abrams No Medal

VI - Open Top/Open Hatches AFVs with interiors & halftracks - All eras


Sponsored by AMPS Central Pennsylvania,
There are no entries to display for this skill level.


Sponsored by AMPS Central Pennsylvania,
Reg #PersonEntryMedal
121-AKeith Brusten SU-100 Gold
059-BPhillip Cavender Tiger II "332" at National Armor & Calvary Museum Gold
056-DRon Hoague Pz. Abt. 505 King Tiger in Poland Gold
033-BBrian Messier Painintheass Gold
092-AKevin Selesnick Supply Wagon Gold
191-DAaron Aldridge M3A1 Stuart Silver
158-BRick Beman T-64B Mod 1975 Silver
038-AAaron Kuck Marder III 7.62cm Pak36 Silver
089-AStew Langenbeck Foxes on Alert Silver
017-BRock Marcone Sturmtiger; Defense of Germany Silver
017-DRock Marcone Last Hope Ambush Position Silver
033-CBrian Messier Dust Devil Silver
166-ARichard Bendan Hellcat Academy Bronze
166-DRichard Bendan 251-6C Tamiya Bronze
066-HRuss Hogg G.M.C. Dukw 353 Bronze
049-AHorst Hopf Nashorn Bronze
125-AJoseph McDaniel Stug. III Ausf. A, Michael Wittmann, LAH, Barbarossa 1941 Bronze
166-ERichard Bendan TKS 20MM No Medal


Sponsored by AMPS Central Pennsylvania,
Reg #PersonEntryMedal
021-ADavid Bridges Sturmtiger Gold
028-CMike Brignola Wirbelwind Gold
028-DMike Brignola 15cm SdKfz 135/1 Gold
157-CKenneth Childers sdkfz 7 Gold
141-DMark Clabaugh German Stureremil Gold
150-DDustin Dias Tiger 1 Gold
138-BMac Johnston WWZ D7Armored Dozer Gold
053-CMark Kleinfelter Sdkfz. 7/2 Early Gold
057-AStan Kurcz LVT4 Gold
047-ENathan Laporte M7 Priest Gold
194-CSandy McRorie M32 Gold
115-CHenry Milton Grille H Early Gold
098-AFabio Sacchi GMC M18 Hellcat Gold
080-CTim Streeter M29 Weasel Gold
074-EChris Toops Hetzer with Sig 33 Gold
077-AJohn Walker Sd.Kfz. 135 Marder I Gold
128-BCarl Wethington M8 75mm Howitzer Motor Carriage Gold
124-EMichael Bedard M13/40 in Greece Silver
171-HMatt Bond Marder III Sd. Kfz. 139 Silver
088-GPatrick Foutch German Panzerjager 1 Silver
094-FRichard Guetig M10 Tank Destroyer Silver
094-GRichard Guetig M10 Tank Destroyer Silver
139-CAllan Hoffman Revell of GerSd.Lrz.164 Nashorn Silver
112-AJohn King M3 Grant Egypt 1942 Silver
095-HDave Koukol IJN Komatsu Type G40 Bulldozer Silver
047-ANathan Laporte German Wespe Silver
192-BJohn Maher Tiger 1 Silver
194-DSandy McRorie Pz Sll IVB Geschutzwagen Silver
079-ADana Sadarananda M36 Jackson Silver
079-HDana Sadarananda Sd.Kfz. 251/9 Silver
052-APierre Salazar Panzer III N, Tunisia 1943 Silver
074-FChris Toops M-4 halftrack Silver
026-DDavid Welch Stug. III, Ausf. G Silver
128-ACarl Wethington M40 155mm Gun Motor Carriage Silver
117-BDavid Wrinkle KOMATSU G40 BULLDOZER Silver
101-CDavid Farris M8 GMC Bronze
045-ETerry Hill C-Troop 11th Armored Cav Bronze
148-AMichael Hutchinson Tamiya Archer Bronze
018-CJohn Kirkpatrick U.S. Army M43 8-Inch Howitzer Motor Carriage Bronze
097-BRonald Logan m 113 a1 Bronze
194-BSandy McRorie Somua MCG5 Deponage Bronze
115-DHenry Milton Opel Blitz Maultier Bronze
175-ETed Oktabetz M-4A3Ez Jumbo Sherman Bronze
046-ACharles Willis Mobelwagen Bronze
012-EFrank Froment Wespe No Medal
164-ETim Greeman M7 Priest No Medal
105-BPeter Haring Desert Weary No Medal
160-GRon Leker Marder III No Medal
175-FTed Oktabetz German Bison II No Medal

VII - Wheeled Vehicles and Armored Cars - All eras


Sponsored by WarWheels, Eastern Carolina Plastic Modelers
Reg #PersonEntryMedal
199-ABernard Blonski Armoured Car Humber MK II Gold
199-GBernard Blonski German Puma Gold
206-CGraham Holmes Tamiya M8 Greyhound Silver
118-BChuck Homolka Soviet "Brom" Guntruck Silver


Sponsored by WarWheels, Eastern Carolina Plastic Modelers
Reg #PersonEntryMedal
059-DPhillip Cavender GMC CCKW353 40mm Bofors - Free French Forces WWII Gold
063-ARyan Spindell Royal Thai BTR3e Gold
063-BRyan Spindell Czech SOG HILux Gold
020-BDan Drake A Letter From Home Silver
179-BJohn Dugene Russian BA -64 B Armored Car Silver
060-EPaul Helfrich Sdkfz 222 Silver
066-BRuss Hogg BA-64B Russian Armored Car Silver
033-ABrian Messier Pit Stop Silver
055-ADANIEL ROBICHAUD British Saladin Mk. 2 - 1974 Silver
063-CRyan Spindell Problem Officer? Silver
063-DRyan Spindell German Fennel Silver
198-AFrank Blonski British Armored Car Austin MK III Bronze
181-DRobert Hallack Saladin Armored Car Bronze
209-ADan Skoluda M37 with ANNMGF Trailer Bronze


Sponsored by WarWheels, Eastern Carolina Plastic Modelers
Reg #PersonEntryMedal
157-BKenneth Childers Schwimmwagen Gold
157-DKenneth Childers Case VAi Gold
141-CMark Clabaugh Russian BTR-40 ADC Gold
010-AScott Conner Polish Invasion Sd. Kfz. 221 Gold
108-AJacques Duquette BA-3 Soviet Armored Car Gold
054-BGeorg Eyerman SdKfz 234/4 Gold
004-AChris Graeter BTR-70 Gold
156-BKen Guntin Zil 157K German Gold
053-DMark Kleinfelter SdKfz. 234/4 Pakwagon Gold
127-BChris Lloyd-Staples REME workshop trailer Gold
097-CRonald Logan m 151a1 Gold
029-BHarvey Low Breda 501 Gold
161-FJim Mesko Staghound Gold
041-AKip Rudge Humber Mark IV (Sicily) Gold
079-KDana Sadarananda GMC 2.5 ton 6x6 Gold
114-CKonrad Schreier BA-64B On Ice Gold
185-EDavid Showell Otter Lght Recon Car Gold
074-GChris Toops W.W. l Ford Ambulance Gold
143-ETimothy Treadway FAI M Gold
026-EDavid Welch Ford GPW Jeep Gold
124-FMichael Bedard Type 97 Rikuo motorcycle Silver
171-IMatt Bond Sd.Kfz. 232 (8-Rad) Silver
171-JMatt Bond M20 ArmoredCar Silver
042-DRon Damratowski Mack Bulldog with FT 17 Silver
084-EPeter Espada Ford Tfc Polish Armored Car Silver
012-BFrank Froment Ready For Inspection Silver
076-BTony Higgs Boxer MRAV Silver
139-AAllan Hoffman Tamiya Schwimmwagen Silver
139-BAllan Hoffman Airfix Bedford MWD Silver
073-EKeith Iehle Spanish Centauro Silver
138-AMac Johnston Bedford QLD 3 Ton Truck Silver
018-DJohn Kirkpatrick U. S. Army M1235A1 MAXXPRO MRAP Silver
123-BTom Kondziolka Krupp Minenraeumer Raumer S Silver
022-BRobert Magina US Dodge WC51 Silver
102-Cmark miller Japanese Light Armored Vehicle Silver
207-AGary Owsly AML 90 FL Silver
009-CJim Root Kubelwagen Silver
080-DTim Streeter WC62 Dodge 3/4 ton Truck Silver
143-DTimothy Treadway PzSdKfz 231 8-rad Norway Silver
152-EFrank Baehre RCAF Jeep Bronze
133-CFrank Ciccarella Moto Truck Tractor & M1000 Heavy Equip Trailer Bronze
072-AVincent D'Alessio Heavy Security Bronze
108-BJacques Duquette Soviet BTR-80R-439MD2 Satellite Communication Vehicle Bronze
084-BPeter Espada EBR 10 French Armored Car Bronze
164-FTim Greeman AEC Armored Car Bronze
094-HRichard Guetig Willys Jeep Bronze
094-IRichard Guetig Kubelwagen (Type 82) Bronze
036-BTimothy Kosak He aint heavy he's my lil brother Kraz 6446 w/BMD-2 Bronze
095-IDave Koukol US 2.5 Ton 6x6 Truck Bronze
102-Bmark miller 222 Afrika- Korps Bronze
154-AJames Naveira Staghound - 1944 Bronze
170-ETom Wingate Schwimmwagen Normandy Bronze
126-CWilliam Winter Opel Blitz German WWII truck Bronze
117-ADavid Wrinkle British SAS Jeep No Medal

VIII - Ordnance (with prime movers in travel) - All eras


Sponsored by Mike Delvecchio, Erie Scale Modelers
Reg #PersonEntryMedal
177-DRobert Edwards Sq kfz 231 (6Rcd) Pre-war Manuevers Gold
118-DChuck Homolka Krupp 80cm Kanone Schwerer Gustav "Dora" Rail Gun Gold
137-AStuart Kane Takom 12.8cm Flak 40 Zwilling Gold
137-BStuart Kane AVF Club Pak 43/41 "Scheuntor" Gold


Sponsored by Mike Delvecchio, Erie Scale Modelers
Reg #PersonEntryMedal
065-DTheodore Docter German 7.5cm Anti-tank Gun Pak 40/L46 Gold
174-ARonald Sorrell German Howitzer 18 Gold
055-CDANIEL ROBICHAUD Japanese WW2 Type 98 Prime Mover and Type 95 Field Gun - 1942 Silver
196-ABill Seaman A-4 (V-2) Rocket Silver
106-BStuart Vandervort 21 cm Krupp Silver


Sponsored by Mike Delvecchio, Erie Scale Modelers
Reg #PersonEntryMedal
108-CJacques Duquette Type 59-1 Howitzer Gold
043-BNeil Stokes It's a Rental Gold
074-HChris Toops 105 Howitzer Gold
026-FDavid Welch Maultier with 20mm Flak 38 Gold
152-CFrank Baehre M1A1 75MM Pack Howitzer Silver
122-CGene Best Thai M-198 Silver
058-BIan Dow Sam 6 Silver
186-AShawn Hays Libyan War - Yota Silver
022-ARobert Magina Soviet 45mm at gun Silver
161-GJim Mesko 2 pounder Silver
080-ETim Streeter 57mm Anti-tank Gun Silver
003-BMichael Del Vecchio M129 & MIM23 Hawk Missiles in Desert Storm Bronze
008-CRichard Fisher FWD Truck /M1917 155mm Bronze
012-DFrank Froment Captured Krupp 21 CM Morser 10/16 Bronze
094-JRichard Guetig British Quad Gun Tractor with Limber and 25 Pounder Cannon Bronze
102-Dmark miller Soviet Artillery Tractor STZ-5 & 122 mm Howitzer Bronze
133-AFrank Ciccarella Smerch M No Medal
133-BFrank Ciccarella "OKA" Soviet SS-23 Spider Tactical Missile No Medal
105-CPeter Haring Covering Rommel's Flank No Medal
126-DWilliam Winter MGM5 Corporal missile and tractor/erector vehicle No Medal

IX - Major Conversions (INT & ADV ONLY)


Sponsored by IPMS Delaware Valley Scale Modelers, Eric Choy (Boresight Chief Editor)
Reg #PersonEntryMedal
200-BJoe Szczygiel Navy Seabee Hitachi Ex200 Excavator Gold
132-CJerry Hendrickson Canadian Ram II Silver
066-CRuss Hogg Flat bed Russian truck converted from a Kadyuska Silver
089-BStew Langenbeck Big Caeser Silver
209-BDan Skoluda CMU-5 Contact Truck Silver
209-CDan Skoluda AVLB on M48A5 Chassis Bronze


Sponsored by IPMS Delaware Valley Scale Modelers, Eric Choy (Boresight Chief Editor)
Reg #PersonEntryMedal
023-BSteve Bacon Jagd Leopard VK1602 Gold
150-CDustin Dias Vorpanzer Wreak Gold
156-AKen Guntin Russian SA-6 Gainful Gold
098-BFabio Sacchi T40 Demolition rocket system "WizzBang" - "B" Company 752 TB - Sergeant Raymond Holt. Italy, September 1944 Gold
114-AKonrad Schreier M4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo with 76mm gun, Cologne, March 1945 Gold
014-AJames Stephens USMC M55 Gold
091-CScott Dimmick M3 Lee Mid-production Silver
054-AGeorg Eyerman VK 45.01 (P) Tiger Prototype Silver
172-ATom Gannon Chilean M-50/60 Silver
164-GTim Greeman M15A1 Special Half Track Silver
018-AJohn Kirkpatrick T 30 Cargo Carrier Silver
047-CNathan Laporte Bergepanzer 38t Silver
175-ATed Oktabetz M-936AZ Wrecker Silver
080-FTim Streeter M35 Prime Mover Silver
124-GMichael Bedard T6 Sherman Bronze
044-AJames Spellmire James Bond Goldeneye T-55 Bronze
164-HTim Greeman T30 Ammo Carrier No Medal
175-BTed Oktabetz M-39 Persona Carrier with Quad 50 No Medal
175-DTed Oktabetz M-41 Gorilla No Medal

X - Scratchbuilt (INT & ADV ONLY)


Sponsored by Pete Gay, Robert Teubert
Reg #PersonEntryMedal
200-DJoe Szczygiel US Army Diesel 15kw Generator Silver
200-CJoe Szczygiel 400 gallon Water Buffalo Bronze


Sponsored by Pete Gay, Robert Teubert
Reg #PersonEntryMedal
042-BRon Damratowski Philippine Marine Gun truck Gold
029-AHarvey Low Canadian TLAV Gold
210-ASteve Stone M5A1 Gold
210-BSteve Stone M7 Priest Gold
124-HMichael Bedard M3A1 37mm ATG Silver
175-CTed Oktabetz M-5 High Speed Tracker Silver
160-LRon Leker M1A5 Door Knocker Bronze

XI - Figures


Sponsored by AMPS KC, Frank Froment
There are no entries to display for this skill level.


Sponsored by AMPS KC, Frank Froment
Reg #PersonEntryMedal
065-ATheodore Docter Fallschirmjager Russia Winter 1943-44 Gold
065-BTheodore Docter Unteroffizier 31 Inf. Div. Winter 1941-42 Gold
065-CTheodore Docter Defeated, Germany 1945 Silver
181-ERobert Hallack "Thumper" v.s. Navy Seal in Vietnam Silver
063-ERyan Spindell S.F. Afgahanistan Silver
200-AJoe Szczygiel Us Army 1982 SPC.4 Joe Szczygiel, Ft. Drum Silver
125-CJoseph McDaniel Es ist sehr kalt! Bronze
066-DRuss Hogg Union Calvary No Medal


Sponsored by AMPS KC, Frank Froment
Reg #PersonEntryMedal
122-AGene Best Soviet Tanker Gold
019-CThomas Borreli Waffen SS LAH Div. Kursk 1943 Gold
131-CGreg Hanchuk Alpha Group FSB Gold
186-BShawn Hays 101st Airborne WWII Gold
153-BRichard Keasey 1940 Fallschirmjager Gold
153-ERichard Keasey 29th ID BAR Gunner Gold
153-FRichard Keasey Klaus Schuh Gold
195-AAndy Leffler Bust - US GI Battle of Bulge Gold
109-BScott Primeau British SAS Bust Gold
109-CScott Primeau Pacific Marine Gold
157-GKenneth Childers German Soldier Silver
086-AHarry Crossley Black Devil Silver
086-CHarry Crossley 101st Airborne Silver
101-DDavid Farris SS Troopen Silver
101-EDavid Farris Werhmacht Landser Silver
101-GDavid Farris MUSE, Somali Pirate Silver
082-AJason Fontella Big Red One, D-DAY, 1944 Silver
088-BPatrick Foutch This 1/35 scale Imperial Japanese Army Tanker WWII is by Verlinden. Silver
094-KRichard Guetig "Claus" Silver
094-LRichard Guetig SS- Grenadier Silver
045-FTerry Hill Staring into the Abyss Silver
095-FDave Koukol US Infantryman, Sicily 1943 Silver
160-ARon Leker Sars Harvey Hammer Hand Silver
190-ARichard Rock Kurt "Panzer" Meyer Silver
046-BCharles Willis German Sentry - Ukraine 1944 Silver
202-AKen Brooks MG42 Tripod Carrier Bronze
094-MRichard Guetig "Stielhandgranate" - SS-Grenadier Bronze
045-CTerry Hill Ostmedialle Bronze
045-ITerry Hill Airmoble Bronze
045-JTerry Hill SS Panzer Officer Bronze
188-ATracy Palmer Smoke Brake Bronze

XII - Dioramas


Sponsored by AMPS Central Pennsylvania, Sean McAndrews
Reg #PersonEntryMedal
015-BLarry Clausen A Place to Play Gold
015-ALarry Clausen Supper Surprise Silver


Sponsored by AMPS Central Pennsylvania, Sean McAndrews
Reg #PersonEntryMedal
020-DDan Drake "Sargi, What part of 'STOP' didn't you understand? Gold
017-ARock Marcone Manco La Fortuna Non-IL-Valore “We lacked luck not Valor”. Anticipation of Doom. Gold
146-ABryan Moeller Wolf in Sheep's Clothing Gold
055-DDANIEL ROBICHAUD 4th Canadian Division Advancing in Caen France - July 1944 Gold
181-ARobert Hallack "Rabbit Hunting" Vietnam 1969 Silver
181-BRobert Hallack "Der Stinkender FuB" Stinky Foot Brummbar Silver
066-ERuss Hogg JSU122 in swamp needing a tow Silver
125-BJoseph McDaniel Kaput! Bronze
166-FRichard Bendan "Who's in Charge" No Medal
147-ARuss Hazelwood Swimmin Hole No Medal


Sponsored by AMPS Central Pennsylvania, Sean McAndrews
Reg #PersonEntryMedal
152-BFrank Baehre Quiet Corner Gold
124-IMichael Bedard In Honor of Ron Volstad Gold
042-ARon Damratowski Heavy Tank - Weak Bridge Gold
067-AEdmund Schnabel Ships of The Desert Gold
083-ARobert Burik Sink or Swim Silver
150-BDustin Dias M10 Panther/Ersatz Silver
094-ORichard Guetig "Sniper, Take cover!" Silver
186-DShawn Hays Approaching Peril Silver
045-ATerry Hill Road to Destruction Silver
153-CRichard Keasey Movin' Out Silver
153-HRichard Keasey Desert Retreat Silver
035-ADana Smith Willimakit Silver
011-AJohn Werwie Hopeless, Despair, But Alive! Silver
011-CJohn Werwie A Dogs War Now! Silver
150-ADustin Dias US Dozer 1945 Bronze
088-JPatrick Foutch Defenders of Caen June 1944. Bronze
094-NRichard Guetig "Awaiting Orders" - M36 Jackson Bronze
045-DTerry Hill SemperFi Tet Offensive Bronze
030-CWilliam Kalmar Gorgon Into Death's Head, Battle of Arras, May 1940 Bronze
153-DRichard Keasey Elefant in the Grass Bronze
067-BEdmund Schnabel Tehar Alatt No A Palma (Hungarian to English Translation) Under Weights Does the Plam Trees Grow Bronze
011-BJohn Werwie The End! Bronze
007-BDanny Egan Tank in the U Bahn No Medal
204-ATed Everett German Dio No Medal
204-BTed Everett Pacific Dio No Medal
088-KPatrick Foutch Hamburger Hill Vietnam May 1969. No Medal
088-LPatrick Foutch Iwo Jima Tank Ambush 1945 No Medal
173-CGerry Gardiner "There Damned Engineer" No Medal
115-IHenry Milton D+7.... DOG TIRED! No Medal
080-GTim Streeter Hunting the Panther No Medal

XIII - Vignettes


Sponsored by AMPS Central Maryland, AMPS Central Pennsylvania
Reg #PersonEntryMedal
199-JBernard Blonski 5cm PAK 38 w/Fallscirmjager Silver
015-CLarry Clausen Aid Station, Ukraine, 1944 Silver
177-ARobert Edwards "Spoils of War" Silver
118-CChuck Homolka 1/16 M4 Sherman Silver


Sponsored by AMPS Central Maryland, Armordillos/North Florida AMPS
Reg #PersonEntryMedal
181-FRobert Hallack Panzerfaust Parade Gold
056-CRon Hoague ‘Rescue the Doughs’ Gold
089-CStew Langenbeck Where are They? Gold
089-DStew Langenbeck Spring Cleaning Gold
200-EJoe Szczygiel M102 Howitzer, Vietnam 1969 Gold
208-AJay Abele E.O.D. Robot Silver
070-AJames Causley "Mediterranean Sherman" Silver
059-CPhillip Cavender "Repairs" 1942 T34/76 Silver
020-EDan Drake Delusions of a Madman Silver
181-IRobert Hallack Russian Tiger in Ukraine Silver
066-GRuss Hogg US Jeep Willys M.B. Cargo and 37 mm Gun. Silver
040-ABill Kreuger Japanese entry into Shanghai, 1937 Silver
060-APaul Helfrich German WWI A7V Sturmpanzerwagen vignette Bronze
060-BPaul Helfrich Japanese WWII Ka-Mi amphibious tank vignette Bronze
055-BDANIEL ROBICHAUD German PaK 43L/71 88mm - Autuum 1944 No Medal
106-CStuart Vandervort Attacking the box No Medal


Sponsored by AMPS Central Maryland, Brandon Herrick
Reg #PersonEntryMedal
104-ABarry Beaudry Santa Maria Italy May 1944 Gold
124-JMichael Bedard 1st Marine Division Cape Gloucester Gold
019-BThomas Borreli L Battery Royal Horse Artillery and the Action at Nery, 1st Sept. 1914 Gold
028-BMike Brignola Marder I Gold
028-EMike Brignola SdKfz II + 10.5cm Howitzer Gold
083-BRobert Burik A Crappy Situation Gold
003-CMichael Del Vecchio M101A1 105mm Howitzer and a Charge too far Gold
150-GDustin Dias Halo Tiger Gold
054-CGeorg Eyerman Battling Boredom in the Backwaters of Bulgaria Gold
131-BGreg Hanchuk Welcome to Paradise Gold
186-CShawn Hays Clear Skies Gold
153-ARichard Keasey Partizan Gefahr Gold
153-GRichard Keasey Panzerschreck! Gold
057-BStan Kurcz Stug in the Open Gold
097-DRonald Logan vietnam hidden danger Gold
027-CDaniel Rothenberger Jr Hold up!! Carl's got this. Gold
067-DEdmund Schnabel Queen of the Desert Gold
067-GEdmund Schnabel Lanchester Armoured Car Gold
185-ADavid Showell Driving Back the Imperialist Invaiders Gold
044-BJames Spellmire Supplies for Colonel Saito Gold
080-HTim Streeter "Get Off My Beach!" Gold
167-BMike Trentadue Tamiya US M10 Tank Destroyer Mid Gold
026-GDavid Welch World of Tanks: Himmelsdorf Gold
157-FKenneth Childers Welcome to India Silver
042-CRon Damratowski M-151 and MP Silver
094-PRichard Guetig "In the Witches' Lair" Silver
094-QRichard Guetig "Death awaits us!" Silver
045-BTerry Hill Nightmare at the Chosin Silver
195-CAndy Leffler Panzer II Ausf F DAK Silver
127-AChris Lloyd-Staples WOT2 truck, El Alamein Silver
022-CRobert Magina T34/85 Berlin 1945 Silver
161-HJim Mesko Hatchkiss "Kaput" Silver
115-BHenry Milton A Break from the JABOS Silver
067-FEdmund Schnabel Spot of Tea Silver
093-ACharles Wise Abandoned T-34 Model 1942 Silver
088-APatrick Foutch This 1/35 scale Vignette is called SS Sniper Team. Bronze
045-HTerry Hill Wild Geese Bronze
115-AHenry Milton An Autumn ride in the Polish Countyside Bronze
115-FHenry Milton Unsere oder ihre?????; (Ours or Theirs?????) Bronze
046-CCharles Willis Russian Tank Hunting Team - Fall 1944 Bronze
152-AFrank Baehre O Crap, A Rolled M48 No Medal
086-BHarry Crossley Where's That Damn Dustoff No Medal
173-BGerry Gardiner "Under New Management" No Medal
045-GTerry Hill Bedouin Renevous No Medal
067-CEdmund Schnabel Mud TadPole No Medal
100-AAlex Valz Bloody Iwo No Medal
100-BAlex Valz Can you see Warsaw comrade? No Medal

XIV - Fictional, Futuristic or Proposed Vehicles


Sponsored by AMPS Centex - Austin Armor Builders Society, Brandon Herrick
Reg #PersonEntryMedal
168-AMicha Jelisavcic KV-1 with American style muzzle breach Silver


Sponsored by AMPS Centex - Austin Armor Builders Society, Armordillos/North Florida AMPS
Reg #PersonEntryMedal
191-AAaron Aldridge Die Hard LAPD SWAT Van Gold
205-ATrevor Edwards Super Pershing Gold
038-DAaron Kuck Israeli M51 Super Sherman Egg-Tank Gold
191-BAaron Aldridge World War Toons Sherman Calliope Silver
205-BTrevor Edwards T29E3 Aberdeen 1947 Silver
132-HJerry Hendrickson Grille 30 'BAR' (Bear) Silver
066-FRuss Hogg US mobile Loon (V-1) launcher end of or just after WWII. Bronze


Sponsored by AMPS Centex - Austin Armor Builders Society
Reg #PersonEntryMedal
023-CSteve Bacon E-10 > X-7 Rotkappchen (Guided missile) Gold
030-DWilliam Kalmar T54E1 American Prototype Tank Gold
123-CTom Kondziolka Tiger I Ausf. H2 7.5 cm KwK 42 Gold
043-CNeil Stokes 'Kiss Me, Frosty' Gold
171-KMatt Bond AT-ST (modified) Silver
157-EKenneth Childers Drone Sniper Silver
094-RRichard Guetig M728A8E4 "Sherman Terrain Walker" Silver
076-CTony Higgs Flakpanzer V "Coelian" Silver
160-KRon Leker MarkII Channel Jumper Silver
001-BChuck Rothman Jagdtiger w/12.8cm PaK 80 (L/66) Silver
067-IEdmund Schnabel Meng War Toons KV-2 Silver
026-HDavid Welch E-25 Silver
012-CFrank Froment E-75 Flakpanzer Bronze
164-ITim Greeman Kaiser's land battle cruiser Bronze
116-CLaDorr "Ed" Ingersoll Hundigger Bronze
095-GDave Koukol M4 Sherman from "World War Toons" Game Bronze
188-BTracy Palmer The Slug Bronze
067-HEdmund Schnabel Meng War Toons Sherman Bronze
012-GFrank Froment PAK 44 Waffentrager No Medal
160-DRon Leker E-25 No Medal

XV - Juniors


Sponsored by Sean McAndrews
Reg #PersonEntryMedal
096-BCamden Koukol British 7-Ton Armoured Car Gold
187-AJob Savage Chuchill Crocodile Gold
187-BJob Savage Stug IV Gold
189-APreston Stinger King Tiger Gold
189-BPreston Stinger Puma Gold
189-CPreston Stinger PZH 2000 Gold
176-ASpencer Feeley Jordanian M113 Silver
096-ACamden Koukol Austin Tilly Silver
096-CCamden Koukol Dingo Scout Car Silver
096-ECamden Koukol M10 Achilles Mk IIC Silver
096-FCamden Koukol VW Staff Car Silver
096-HCamden Koukol M26 Pershing - Inchon 1950 Silver
096-DCamden Koukol Panther Ausf. D Bronze
096-GCamden Koukol Combat Assault Tanks (from Star Wars: Rogue One) Bronze
136-AKatherine Petrich KV-2 Bronze
062-AThomas Rye BMD-2 No Medal

XVI - Masters


Sponsored by Glen Martin
Reg #PersonEntryMedal
031-AMark Ford Marder 1 Gold
163-AJason Jennings Sherman Jumbo Gold
197-AJohn Kesner Jagpanther Gold
078-ATodd Michalak "Who forgot to fill up" Vimoutiers Tiger I Gold
071-BDavid Vickers Panzer II, Ausf L, Luchs Gold
071-DDavid Vickers Sahara Cuppa- LRDG at rest Gold
024-Atony zadro Brummbar Late Gold
024-Btony zadro Rapid Advancement Gold
024-Ctony zadro Renault R-35 Frascine Layer Gold
024-Dtony zadro Ukrainian BMP -2D IFV Gold
197-BJohn Kesner Koni No Medal
071-ADavid Vickers Soviet tank officer No Medal
071-CDavid Vickers Messenger pigeon and Commonwealth soldier No Medal

XVII - Display Only


No sponsor
There are no entries to display for this skill level.


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There are no entries to display for this skill level.


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There are no entries to display for this skill level.


Sponsored by Scott Bregi, Glen Martin
Reg #PersonEntryMedal
091-AScott Dimmick M4A3(75) Expedient 76mm No Medal
160-BRon Leker Roman Soldier No Medal


No sponsor
Reg #PersonEntryMedal
099-AMichael Roof M10 Tank Destroyer - Germany, Autumn 1944 No Medal