AMPS is all about armor modeling and the preservation of armor and mechanized heritage.

AMPS 2007 International Convention
Thu Apr 19, 2007 to Sat Apr 21, 2007
Havre de Grace, Maryland


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AMPS 2007 International Convention

The 2007 AMPS International Armor Modeling Show will be held on April 19-21, 2007 at the Community Center in Havre de Grace, Maryland.

We are happy to announce Brian O'Neal of Anubis Creations will be sponsoring a special award at AMPS 2007. Brian will be presenting an award for the Best T-34, which will include any vehicle built on the T-34 chassis. Thanks to Anubis Creations for their support! will be sponsoring another special award at the show. This one will be for the Best WW2 Sherman. Shermans are a very popular subject, so this should be a very popular award. ☺ We very much appreciate the support of!

Here is an updated list of vendors who will be attending AMPS 2007.This is a terrific lineup of vendors, and I know the Show Committee can hardly wait to get into the vendor area!

Alpine Miniatures                David Doyle                        Printapart
Ampersand Publishing         Easy1 Productions              Ray King
Anubis Creations                 Fire House Hobbies             Red Lancers
Archer Fine Transfers          Formations                         S&J Hobbies
Armoured Brigade Models    Historica Books                   Tank Workshop
Arsenal                               Hobbist Enterprise    
Ausfwerks                           JJ Fedorowicz Publishing     Tiger Productions
Baseline Models                   M&Models                          War Store Collectibles
Boomer's Books                   ModelX                              Wings n Treads
Chesapeake Model Designs   Olde Depot Hobbies            Zenith Modelling
CRM Hobbies                        Panzer Tracts                        (formerly Small Shop EU)

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 AMPS Judging Principles

AMPS created a unique system to both judge the model and honor the modeler for artistic achievement and historical accuracy. It is a peer evaluation and mentoring and not a performance critique by experts. The system groups modelers that have similar skill levels and talents and rates the model in relation to the ability of the modeler rather than against the work of another modeler. The skill levels are Junior, Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Master.

Each model is reviewed and evaluated on its own merits and never compared to another one. Established criteria determine the scoring of the model and qualify the modeler for Bronze, Silver and Gold awards. Each model is judged by a team of judges that score the model independently and the lowest score among the team is dropped. Constructive feedback is provided that sets a path to becoming a better, more skilled modeler.

Read more about the AMPS judging principles here.

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 Other Hotels


Being a military town, Aberdeen is full of good quality hotels. The following is a list of suitable hotels, all located within ten minutes of the show site.

Days Inn Aberdeen (410) 272-8500

Econo Lodge of Aberdeen (410) 272-5500

Four Points Sheraton (410) 273-6300

Holiday Inn (410) 272-8100

Quality Inn (410) 272-6000

Super 8 Motel (410) 272-5420

Red Roof Inn (410) 273-7800

 Local Attractions