AMPS is all about armor modeling and the preservation of armor and mechanized heritage.

AMPS 2008 International Convention
Thu Apr 10, 2008 to Sat Apr 12, 2008
WW2 Victory Museum, Auburn, IN


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AMPS 2008 International Convention 

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Please consider being a part of the single largest armor modelling event in North America as the 2008 AMPS International Convention takes place at the WW2 Victory Museum in Auburn, Indiana. The dates will be Thursday, April 10 through Saturday, April 12, 2008 .  The theme for the model contest will be "Prototypes and One-Offs" as we focus on the development of military vehicles.

The WW2 Victory Museum combines an excellent museum with an expansive convention space.  The show will be held in the museum's 20000 sq foot Rotunda.  Next to the Rotunda is the museum's extensive galleries which contain 100s of artifacts and military gear.  There are over 150 WW2-era vehicles -- nine of which, like the Sdkfz 251A, are the sole surviving example. For more information about their exhibits, click here.  Your registration to the Convention also allows you full museum access throughout the weekend.

Show UPDATES (April 08, 2008)
We've added two seminars.  Neil Stokes from NJ and Charlie Pritchett from MO will be presenting a KV-1 Soviet Heavy tank seminar and a Scratchbuilding workshop, respectively. Robert Manasherob had to cancel unfortunately.   Check out the revised schedule.

Show UPDATES (April 06, 2008)
1) Early registrations ended up at 124 paid registrations to date and over 389 models for the contest.  This surpasses the total models on the table at HdG last year!  I can't wait to see what comes out.
2) Ron Volstad has informed us that due to a family illness situation, he's had to cancel.  My fingers are crossed that the airline will recoup Ron his expenses.  We'll miss you buddy!
3) Along with the North American industry rep for AFV Club, Mr. Tseng, the president of the company will be on hand.  He will speak in Seminar 3: Friday 3PM.

Show UPDATES (Mar 17, 2008)
1) Early registrations up to 81 paid registrations to date and over 245 models for the contest already.  This option will be available until Saturday, March 22. 
2) Bill Chilstrom informed me that he is unable to attend and present his seminar due to work constraints.  However, the industry reps from Tamiya USA and AFV Club have tentatively agreed to do a Q&A session about their side of the business.  Stay tuned for more details.

Show UPDATES (Mar 11, 2008)

I received word that John Irwin (US Army 3AD gunner, WW2 ETO) needs to bow out of his speaking engagement at the show due to a family situation.  John is greatly disappointed but has indicated that he may consider speaking at the 2009 show.

Show UPDATES (Mar 10, 2008)
Early Bird Registrations are cranking along.  To date we have 64 pre-registrants and 192 models for the contest table.  Take a few minutes now to avoid the wasted time as you peer over to the Vendors room while you have to wait in line at the show! March 22 is the last day for Early Registration.

Show UPDATES (Feb 29, 2008)

I. Early Bird Registration HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.  Some fifty-plus of your fellow attendees will be inside buying up all the good stuff in the vendor room because they pre-registered!  Will you be standing in the registration line gawking at them?  Don't MISS OUT!  Use the "Registration" link on the left menu to pre-register for the show.  Look at the "Show Specials" for new members, members and renewals.  Early Bird Registration will continue until March 22 ONLY.  It is highly encouraged that you consider this option as you will be able to avoid some of the long lines witnessed at previous shows.

II. Victory Museum Photographer's tour.  The museum displays will be a feast for each of us.  However, the WW2Victory Museum is providing a special "Photographer's Tour" with the purchase of an annual Museum membership of $50.  Museum members will have fuller access to the display vehicles for close-up detail photography and measurement.  Please contact our coordinator, Scott Taylor of Thachweave <>.

III. Vendor Room filling up. The vendor room will be incredible as always.  Many of our "regulars" will be in attendance as well as new faces too.  At the bottom of this page is a list of vendors to date.   This year's venue allows for more space so some slots still remain.  If you're a commercial vendor, please use the "Vendor Tables" link on the left menu.

IV. Jim Wechsler Prolific modeler and recent winner of the 2007 IPMS-USA Nationals "Best of Show" award (and darn nice guy) has been added to our phenomenal Seminar Speakers' list.  Unfortunately, he is replacing Nick Cortese who has had to cancel due to a scheduling conflict.  Look below for the full list.

A preliminary schedule has already been formed.  This year, we are sponsoring two Thursday field trips to two other museums in Indiana: the Ropkey Armor Museum and the Historical Military Armor Museum of Anderson.  Although across the state, tour participants can attend both of these and then journey up to Auburn and register Thursday evening.  There will be an unofficial "ice breaker" event Thursday night as well.  The Show officially opens Friday morning at 11AM.

Here is the updated the list of special guest speakers.

  1. Chris Mrosko , author and frequently published modeler. Topic: Model Photography
  2. Robert Manasherob , IDF reserve officer, former Latrun Museum staffer, author of recent books on the Achzarit & Puma and Sherman M50 and M51. Topic: current IDF AFV research.
  3. Ron Volstad , military subject artist, DML and Concord artwork. Topic: Uniform and vehicle research.
  4. Tom Jentz , author and German WW2 researcher. Topic: current German AFV research.
  5. Mark Steacy , author and German WW2 uniform researcher.  Topic: German zeltbahn camouflage patterns.
  6. Jim Mesko , author and US WW2 researcher.  Topic: US camouflage schemes in WW2 ETO and PTO.
  7. James Wechsler , prolific modeler and recent 2007 IPMS-USA Nationals "Best of Show" winner.  Topic: "Armor Weathering for Dummies" basic and advanced techniques for AFV finishing.

Previously we annouced the confirmation from two WW2 tank combat veterans from the UK and Germany who will speak at the show.  Not only did they experience combat and can relate their wartime experiences, but both are thoroughly conversant with their particular vehicles and the tactics involved.

8. Mr. Gerry Chester (UK).  North Irish Horse tank regiment, Tunisia and Italy 1943-1945.  Mr. Chester has compiled a stirring narrative of his combat experiences -- serving as a wireless operator in several marks of the Churchill tank in the Mediterraean (click HERE to read).  His unit killed German Panthers and Tigers using the oft-misunderstood Churchill Infantry tank.  Mr. Chester has frequented the various AFV modelling forums, adding his first-hand knowledge of the Churchill tank and British operations in general in the MTO.  Previously residing in Arizona, Mr. Chester now travels between various friends and family -- spanning several countries.  He'll make a "stopover" to Indiana next April.

9. Mr. Wolfgang Kloth (Ger). 2nd Panzer Division (Heer).  Eastern Front 1943-1945.  Mr. Kloth joined the German Wehrmacht in 1943 and was posted as an officer candidate, commanding Panzer IIIs and Panzer IVs in the East.  Wounded several times, he eventually was returned to train crews in Stug IIIs.  He finished the war as part of the armor contingent in the surrounded Kurland pocket having spent his entire career fighting the Russians.  After Soviet captivity, he escaped E Germany to the West, eventually emigrating to the USA in 1951.  Mr. Kloth is an active advisor and friend to re-enactment and modelling groups in the Midwest.

The Seminar speakers have traditionally been a great experience for our show attendees.  The 2008 list is the most exciting assembly to date.  Please join us for this extremely unique opportunity to hear two surviving WW2 tankers share their experiences as well as from some of the most well known and respected modellers and researchers in the modelling field.   

For hotel listings and directions, just use the menu on the left side.  The city of Auburn hosts several other prominent museums.  Make sure you visit the attractions listed in the Auburn city webpage.

Much is being assembled presently so check back often for updates.  However feel free to direct general questions to the Show Chair and Vendor Coordinator, Roy Chow:

3Deli Hobby, OH
Ampersand Publishing, Delray Beach, FL
Archer Fine Transfers, Youngsville, NC
Armor Plate Press, E Rochester, NY
Arsenal, Plattsmouth, NE
Chesapeake Model Designs, Monkton, MD
CRM Hobbies, St Louis, MO
David Doyle Publications, Memphis, TN
Easy1 Productions, Iron Mountain, MI
Formations Models, Bolivar, TN
GC Laser, Genoa City, WI
Great Models Workshop, Sandy, UT
Horners Hobbies, St Marys, OH
Hornet Figures, Roger Saunders & Associates, London, England
M&Models, Oak Lawn, IL
Michigan Toy Soldier, Royal Oak, MI
New World Miniatures, O'Fallon, MO
Pace Paint Booths, Perrysburg, OH
Panzer Tracts, Germantown, MD
PSP Models, La Chaussee Ste Victor, FRANCE
Tank Rat's AFV Depot, Peoria, AZ, Gainesville, VA
Thachweave Products, London, ON
Wespe Models Romania, Versailles, FRANCE
Wings n Treads, Rochester, MN

Tamiya USA, AFV Club and Finescale Modeler will have company representatives.  The MAFVA and MVPA will have information tables as well.

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 AMPS Judging Principles

AMPS created a unique system to both judge the model and honor the modeler for artistic achievement and historical accuracy. It is a peer evaluation and mentoring and not a performance critique by experts. The system groups modelers that have similar skill levels and talents and rates the model in relation to the ability of the modeler rather than against the work of another modeler. The skill levels are Junior, Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Master.

Each model is reviewed and evaluated on its own merits and never compared to another one. Established criteria determine the scoring of the model and qualify the modeler for Bronze, Silver and Gold awards. Each model is judged by a team of judges that score the model independently and the lowest score among the team is dropped. Constructive feedback is provided that sets a path to becoming a better, more skilled modeler.

Read more about the AMPS judging principles here.

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Walk-in Fees:

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The WW2 Victory Museum in Auburn, Indiana is located just off Exit 129 of Interstate 69, approximately 19 miles north of Fort Wayne, Indiana


Its address is: 5634 County Road 11A, Auburn, IN 46706




It is almost equidistant (about 2-3 hours by car) from metropolitan Chicago, Detroit, and Indianapolis. Air travellers should consider these three cities or Fort Wayne for best airline fares and then renting a car.

Click HERE FOR DRIVING DIRECTIONS from Indianapolis Intl Airport (IND)

Click HERE FOR DRIVING DIRECTIONS from Fort Wayne Intl Airport (FWA)

Click HERE FOR DRIVING DIRECTIONS from Detroit Metro Airport (DTW)

Click HERE FOR DRIVING DIRECTIONS from Chicago Midway Airport (MDW)

Click HERE FOR DRIVING DIRECTIONS from Chicago OHare Airport (ORD)

Special Note: for those planning on the April 10  field trip to the Ropkey Museum in Crawfordsville, IN, it is located 46 miles west of Indianapolis and 149 miles south of Chicago.  For air travellers who wish to participate in the field trip, Indianapolis Intl Airport or possibly either Chicago airport should be the airports you choose.  If coming in on Wednesday for the field trips, it would be advisable to spend the night in the Indianapolis area rather than in the Auburn vicinity.

Starting City: Driving Distance to Auburn IN: Approximate Driving time

Fort Wayne, IN:           19 miles: 0:23
Indianapolis, IN:           126 miles: 2:00
Chicago, IL:                 188 miles: 3:03
Detroit, MI:                  167 miles: 2:49
Lansing, MI:                 113 miles: 1:50
Toledo, OH:                 107 miles: 2:04
Cleveland, OH:             213 miles: 3:40
Columbus, OH:            194 miles: 3:49
Cincinnati, OH:             207 miles: 3:13
Louisville, KY:       251 miles: 3:33
Springfield, IL:       345 miles: 4:53
Green Bay, WI:            396 miles: 5:59
Milwaukee, WI:            280 miles: 4:21
Nashville, TN:       425 miles: 6:31
St Louis, MO:       385 miles: 5:25
Kansas City, MO:        625 miles: 8:50

Havre De Grace, MD:    614 miles: 9:25
Atlanta, GA:                 706 miles: 10:30
Toronto, ON:               407 miles: 6:55
New York, NY:           642 miles: 9:52
Buffalo, NY:                 395 miles: 5:50
Washington, DC:          574 miles: 8:55
Dallas, TX:                   1042 miles: 14:26
Philadelphia, PA:          616 miles: 9:13
Boston, MA:                861 miles: 13:30
New Orleans, LA:        958 miles: 13:50
Los Angeles, CA:         2175 miles: 31:08



 Other Hotels

AMPS has blocked rooms with the following nearby hotels.  Show special prices may have expired as we near the show date. However, inform them that you are an AMPS attendeee and see if the special rate still applies.  There is also a KOA Campground that is adjacent to the WW2 Victory Museum campus. 


Recommended Hotels (click onto hotel names for directions)


Comfort Inn & Suites
1137 W 15th St, Auburn, IN

(260) 920-7600
Breakfast, pool, free internet.  (Rooms still available as of 04/04)

Other Hotels

La Quinta Inn & Conference Center Auburn - more info »

306 Touring Drive, Auburn, IN

(260) 920-1900

Best Western Auburn Inn - more info »

225 Touring Dr, Auburn, IN

(260) 925-6363 

Campground Information

KOA Campground - more info »

5612 County Road 11a, Auburn, IN

(260) 925-6747


 Local Attractions