AMPS is all about armor modeling and the preservation of armor and mechanized heritage.

AMPS 2020 International Convention
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AMPS 2021 International Convention
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Show Your Covid Builds

The 2020 and 2021 International Conventions could not be held due to COVID-19, but that doesn't mean you can't show off your what you were intending to enter. We've built a special area where you can upload your best models for each show category, and have them displayed on the website.

Don't worry about the AMPS 2022 show - entering and uploading models here will not prevent you from entering the same models in the AMPS 2022 show.

The guidelines are simple:

  • You have to be an AMPS member to participate (just like at the live shows)
  • You can enter one model per category for each of the shows
  • You can upload one photograph per entered model

To view the entered models for each show, click one of these buttons:

AMPS 2020 Show Results  AMPS 2021 Show Results

We've prepared some helpful tips for getting the best photographs from a smart phone (courtesy of John Robinson):

Basic Tips

  • First clean the lens with a soft cotton cloth that is damp with a tiny amount of rubbing alcohol
  • Shoot with the smartphone in landscape (wide) mode
  • Check your settings and enable HDR (high dynamic range) if available. HDR automatically takes several exposures and blends them together for the best results
  • Don’t use the smartphone’s flash, use task lights like those on your workbench. Adequate light is crucial, so use at least two lamps placed at the front sides of the model
  • Use a smartphone tripod or improvise a stable mount for your smartphone
  • Use the timer function, it eliminates the shaking that results in blurry images
  • Use a solid color background behind your model; white is recommended. Poster board paper can be taped down at the front edge, rolled out toward the back and then upward for a seamless background
  • Modern smartphones have multiple lenses but avoid using the wide-angle or telephoto lenses by sticking with the default zoom (1x). Physically move your smartphone until the model almost fills the screen
  • Check your settings for aspect ratio choices; a 16:9 ratio may work better with models

Advanced Tips

  • Check if your device has an exposure adjustment. If it does, you can tweak the dark/light areas to look better and therefore capture more detail
  • Look for a selective (manual) focus feature that overrides the automatic settings. Cluttered or busy backgrounds may "attract" the sensor away from your model and cause focusing error
  • Check your device for a setting that controls the ISO. Lower numbers (<100) produce images that are crisp but require compensating factors to let in more light
  • Camera Apps provide more control over settings than the default device app. Many available for free; just do some research first before installing. A safer bet is to purchase one, such as ProCamera (US$8.99), ProCam (US$7.99) and Camera+(US$7.99)