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Rinaldi Studio Press- Tankart 4 German Armor

ISBN Number: 9780988336346 Publisher: Rinaldi Studio Press
Published: Friday, December 2, 2022 Retail Price: 57.50
Reviewed By: Steve Santucci


German Armor

2020 2nd Edition 

By  Michael Rinaldi 

w/Mario Eens

As someone who was a casual member of the modeling community going back to the early 80s living off of Fine Scale Modeler and Shep Paine How-to books to this? To make it clear this is my first time thumbing through these books and I have to say they are downright impressive with details and how-tos from paint to weathering. Using a variety of techniques in layers that ups ones game. 12 chapters covering a variety of topics so let us jump into the deep end of the hobby pool! 

Introduction by Michael Rinaldi lays out the purpose, how his mantra has evolved, and of course what makes a better builder: Practice! 

Chapter 1 covers Technique Proficiency that covers the basics of weathering and the different techniques and approaches. Blending, layers and stippling...techniques I learned in high school art class now applied to a model!!! All the basics for modeling are present with definition and how to examples. I like the one stop shop and now can follow what Rob Riviezzo talks about when he says you need to step up your game! 


Subsequent chapters titled Panzergrau SBS 1, 2, 3 on specific topics such as disc camo, whitewash and weathering panzer grey tanks. 


The next topic is whitewash on German armor with a step by step approach. A variety of tanks are used to demonstrate the effects on different angles and services. 

The next few chapters cover specific tanks. Starting with the Sd. Kfz. 182 Tiger II a discussion on building and the use of aftermarket begins the process from build to prime to paint and weathering. Thoughts and tip call outs in a variety of color blocks focus on a specific topic of discussion providing the reader with insight and how to examples. Accessories to tanks and the painting and weathering is also a focus of discussion and are very helpful in achieving realism such as with wood items.

The Nashorn, Sd. Kfz 138/1 GRILLE Ausf. M, STURMINFANTERIEGESCHuTZ 33B, and a build by Mario Eens- a PzKpfw B2 740(f). 

There is  something for everyone from beginner modelers to seasoned veteran modelers. The color photos, the call outs, and focus on specific techniques. I don’t often gush over very many things but this is a game changer for me. It is a great asset and resource to the modeler when wanting a quick reference. This book will no doubt be an arm’s length from my work space on my bench. 

Highly Recommended for Beginner to Advanced builders.

Thanks goes out to Casemate Publishing  for this review sample.

Reviewed by Steve Santucci


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